Ffcc kilandaislands

Kilanda Islands in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

The Kilanda Islands (キランダ諸島, Kiranda Shotou?) is a recurring location in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Edit

FFCC In Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, the Kilanda Island' are a chain of islands located to the southwest of the Tipa Peninsula and northeast of Lynari Island. The main attraction in the area is Mount Kilanda, a large, forbidding volcano teeming with many Fire-elemental enemies. The player's caravan can visit the islands, for a price.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Edit


Ffcc sinnersisle

Sinners' Isle.

The 'Kilanda Isle, also known as Sinners' Isle in Story Mode, is a dungeon in Ring of Fates. Yuri, Chelinka, and the rest of the party are sent here after being accused of attacking King Kolka. The area is unlocked after finishing Abyssus Forest.

Enemies Edit

Treasures Edit

Note: An item marked with a * is one-time only.

Normal Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (D)*
  • HP Boost x2*
  • HP Boost x2*
  • Courageous Wpn. Recipe
  • Victorious Wpn. Recipe
  • Angel's Weapon Recipe
  • Dragonish Helm Recipe
  • Anti-cold Helmet Recipe
  • Anti-heat Helmet Recipe
  • Skeletal Mask Recipe
  • Dragonish Armor Recipe
  • Silver Lt. Armor Recipe
  • Anti-fire Armor Recipe
  • Anti-ice Armor Recipe
  • Robber's Uniform Recipe
  • Band of Rebirth Recipe
  • Yellowish Emblem Recipe
  • Black Emblem Recipe
  • Heavenly Specks Recipe
Hard Mode
  • Moogle Stamp (A)*
  • ATK Boost x2*
  • ATK Boost x2*
  • 600 gil
  • 750 gil
  • Activewear Scroll
  • Amethyst
  • Combat Armor Scroll
  • Cosmic Hair Tie Scroll
  • Cursed Weapon Scroll
  • Dark Dust
  • Durable Armor Scroll
  • Durable Helmet Scroll
  • Feudal Lord Helmet Scroll
  • Fire & Ice Cloak Scroll
  • Fire & Ice Hat Scroll
  • Foreign Weapon Scroll
  • Holy Orb
  • Meteorite
  • Mythril
  • Mythril Shard
  • Orichalcum
  • Petite Amethyst
  • Petite Citrine
  • Petite Onyx
  • Petite Ruby
  • Phoenix Down
  • Refined Emerald Scroll
  • Seraph Dust
  • Sulfur Dust
  • White Dust
  • Wild Thing Helm Scroll

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