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Kigen Arts: The Saviour of Souls is the sixth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Story DetailEdit


The episode begins at the next stop on the subway. Ai, Yu, Lisa, and their Chocobo wonder what could be waiting at the top of the stairs. Lisa reminds them what they are searching for, and they begin to ascend. As they do so Lisa asks if Yu has named the Chocobo yet, and he responds with Chobi.

The DesertEdit

The group emerges in a desert-like place, with pillars of fire bursting from the ground everywhere they look. Ai and Yu agree that there is no way anyone would survive here for long, so their parents are obviously not here. Lisa comments that she can not sense any life, and agrees to leave. Just at that moment, the entrance to the station vanishes beneath the sand.

As the group begin to trek across the sands, we cut to the Earl's throne room, where it is revealed that Makenshi is missing. Fungus requests another chance to take care of Kaze, however the Earl refuses, sending Herba instead.

Back in the desert, the group is tiring quickly, with Chobi laying on the ground from thirst. Lisa continues to deny him water, but when the children ask her why, Chobi jumps up and runs away, claiming he smells water.

The OasisEdit

Following Chobi, the group discovers a small canyon, filled with water and plants. As the group relaxes and enjoys themselves, Herba is shown to be flying over the oasis, with many strange plants surrounding her. Crux reports that she can not find Kaze, but at that moment, Herba spots the children, Lisa, and Chobi in the waters below.

Herba attacks, dropping a bomb which quickly transforms into a large tree with many large, strange fruits on it. The fruits begin to drop, revealing themselves to be creatures of some kind. The group flees, but the creatures easily keep up with them. Noticing this, Lisa turns around and kneels, placing a hand on the ground.

A few moments pass, before shock waves rupture forth, blowing the tops off of many of the perusing creatures. One manages to sneak behind Lisa and ambush Ai and Yu. They flee, but are quickly cornered on the cliff's edge. After a short argument over whether to jump or not, they are knocked over by Chobi.

Lisa reaches the cliff moments later, and is quickly surrounded. As she prepares to fight the vines capture her, and bind her to a tree. Herba descends before her, to examine her prisoner.


The scene cuts away, to reveal a hand grasp one of the lily pads; Kaze emerges, revealing he survived. Lisa questions Herba, who tells her that she will "hug-hug" Lisa. Attempting to save Lisa, they request items from PoshePocket, which achieves nothing but loud noises and their discovery.

Growing desperate, Lisa casts herself back to her days of training; balancing on a poll, with two buckets of water on each outstretched hand. Remembering the words of her tutor, she destroys the tree and vines binding her, then breaks free. She rushes to the children's aid, defeating the creatures surrounding them.

Before they can escape, they are quickly surrounded yet again. Lisa attempts to defeat them, but accidentally sets the water alight in the process. An explosion sends the group flying, and Ai is rendered unconscious. Lisa notices that she is not breathing and immediately begins trying to resuscitate her. Yet again, they are surrounded. At that moment, Kaze reappears.

Immortal windEdit

Kaze raises the Magun, but it does not move, and remains frozen. He is quickly pounced upon and eaten. Lisa, still attempting to revive Ai, pleads with the energy within nature to save her. A moment later, she gasps a breath and awakens. However, the creatures are quickly advancing. Just as Lisa is considering giving her life to save the children, they hear a familiar phrase from within one of the creatures; "Soil, my power!"

Kaze fires the Magun, and summons Bismark from within the creature. Bismark dissolves the creatures and extinguishes the fires, destroying the Oasis and forcing Herba to flee in the process. The group celebrates their survival for a moment, noting that Kaze has vanished once more. Suddenly the ground begins to shake and crumble, collapsing beneath their feet.


Kaze fires the Magun once in this episode. The combination used is:

The one who tears apart boulders with it's teeth/Grinding and devouring rocks - Shark Gray
The one who envelopes all thirst/The soil that drinks thirst - Water Blue
The one who feeds on emptiness/That which can even feed on empty space - Crusher White

This combination summons Bismark; a large whale like creature which can control the flow of water.


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