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Kick Attack is a passive trait in Final Fantasy XI. It is learned by Monks at Level 51. Once learned, the Monk will randomly add a kick after completing their attacks.

Equipment that Enhances this Trait Edit

  • Strike Subligar (frequency)
  • Melee Hose (frequency)
  • Melee Hose +1 (frequency)
  • Bahamut's Hose (frequency)
  • Kung Fu Shoes (damage)
  • Wulong Shoes (damage)
  • Wulong Shoes +1 (damage)
  • Dune Boots (damage)
  • Hakke Habaki (frequency; enables Ninja and Samurai to Kick)
  • Junkenshi Habaki (frequency?)
  • Junrenshi Habaki (frequency?)
  • Junhanshi Habaki (frequency?)
  • Seikenshi Habaki (frequency?)
  • Seirenshi Habaki (frequency?)
  • Seihanshi Habaki (frequency?)


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