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This taciturn bearer of the spell fencer's asterisk uses the sword magic Fire to enhance his blade and the sword magic Mute to prevent foes from using magic.

Khint is a boss in Bravely Default. He is fought multiple times during Sub-Scenarios of Chapter 1. In the first two battles, he fights alongside The Jackal and Chairman Profiteur, he will use Depart when his companion's health is reduced below half, leaving the combat. Finally, he will join Khamer, and during that battle, he will fight until he is defeated.

Stats Edit

Thieves' Den



Second World

Third World

Fourth World

Fifth World - Palace

Fifth World - Command

Battle Edit

In the first two encounters, Khint will open with Sword Magic Fire. If it wears off, he will recast it. After this, he will proceed to assail the party with his physical attacks. He may also cast Sword Magic Silence which can prove dangerous should it strike the party's healer. Equipping the White Mage with a White Cape is recommended. Should his companion's health dip below half, Khint will use Depart, leaving the battle.

In the third battle, with Khamer, Khint's tactics remain largely unchanged but will will occasionally using Brave to attack twice in a turn. His physical attacks still deal steady, solid damage.

Strategy Edit

Khint most dangerous tactic is arguably his use of Sword Magic Silence, which can shut down the party's healer instantly. Use of a White Cape on the party's healer is recommended as both The Jackal and Profiteur can deal out massive damage very quickly. While the party can attack Khint himself until he flees, reducing his companion to half health will cause him to depart automatically in all but the last battle with him.

Battle Quotes Edit

Chapter 8: Ancheim Edit

Khint: "Not yet. I'll not end here!"
—After taking some damage
Khint: "...This blood-soaked body knows no regrets!"
—After taking some damage first
The Jackal: "Augh!"
Khint: "Go, Jackal. You've done enough."
—Should the Jackal be defeated before Khint
Khint: "Nngh... Seems it ends here."
—Should Khint be defeated
Khint: "Nngh... Seems it ends here."
Khamer: "Ci-Ciggma!? I commend you! Fall back!"
—Should Khint be defeated before Khamer
Khint: "You fight well, but now I must bid you farewell."
—Should Khint be defeated last
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