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Khamja (カミュジャ, Kamyuja?), is a special group of assassins in the world of Ivalice. Their dealings and activities are often illegal and their existence is steeped in the history of the land of Ivalice itself. They tend to work behind the scenes, carrying out their business within Ivalice's society, often among the public, yet still managing to remain unnoticed by the population. Khamja is reported to consist of numerous groups all reporting to one higher member or a band of Khamja operatives who oversee the Clan's activities.

The clan is considered incredibly powerful and dangerous, having access to spells, weapons, and Job classes that other clans cannot obtain. This, along with their willingness to kill when necessary, numerous links to the black market (including the poaching trade), secrecy, and thirst for power, make them one of the most formidable organizations in all Ivalice.


Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

Khamja is the name of an elite assassination team under the command of Grand Duke Barrington. Khamja was particularly active during the Fifty Years' War. Its prominent members include the two orphans Rapha and Marach Galthena. After the Fifty Years' War ended, the Khamja was disbanded.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit


Illua - leader of Khamja.


Ewen - Khamja operative.

There exists a Clan known as the Khamja, renowned as a criminal syndicate among those in the know and seemingly based in Graszton. According to Cid, it is more powerful than any single lord.

Khamja shares its name with an assassin's guild from centuries back. It is unclear whether the Khamja fought by Clan Gully and Vaan and Penelo is named after this earlier group, or is that same group having survived into the present day. This version of Khamja is fought several times in the main storyline, and is also the main enemy in the Poaching storyline and a crucial background element in the Duelhorn storyline. Khamja is subdivided into smaller groups that operate independently; and has a number of fronts such as Carm Mercantile within which only the highest members know that they work for Khamja.

Notable Members include Illua, one of the main leaders, Ewen, Illua's follower, and Cid, a former member who left the organization.

After Illua's death, the Khamja managed to stay together, but their lack of leadership has shaken them up. Illua's death also seems to end the rivalry between Khamja and Clan Gully, as it was her group that had a special hate for Cid, and Cid has no real interest in opposing Khamja.

It seems they have the ability to nullify laws as they can temporarily remove Judges from battle. The card that Ezel gives to Luso will counter that ability.

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