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Inferno's left arm. Will regenerate even if killed, but if you leave it alone, Inferno will use Delta Hit.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation Bestiary entry

The Ketu is a boss in Final Fantasy VI. It is the right arm (from the player's perspective) of the Inferno.


It attacks with its physical and Metal Cutter, the latter doing heavy damage to one or more targets. It should be taken out before the Rahu, the left arm, because of this. It is weak to Fire, so Fire-elemental spells work well. The easiest way to defeat Ketu is to summon Catoblepas at the beginning of battle, both Ketu and Rahu are not immune to Petrify.

AI scriptEdit

If Ketu is alive: Attack (66%) or Metal Cutter (33%)

If Ketu is dead:

If Timer >= 40:
Revive Ketu

If killed: Set Timer = 0

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Ketu is the descending lunar node in Vedic, or Hindu astrology. After the head of Svarbhānu, an Asura, was cut off by the god Vishnu, his head and body joined with a snake to form 'Ketu', representing the body without a head, and Rahu, representing the head without a body.

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