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Kenji Ito.

Kenji Ito (伊藤 賢治, Kenji Itō?), also known by his nickname Itoken, is a Japanese video game composer. While working for Square, he composes mainly for the Mana and SaGa series, but has also contributed music for several Final Fantasy spinoffs.


Born on July 5th, 1968, in Tokyo, Japan, Ito joined Square as a composer on March 1990. His first work was for Final Fantasy Legend II alongside Nobuo Uematsu. Romancing Saga was his last work as a Square video game composer before leaving to work as a freelance composer. He continued to work closely with Square, but has since composed for other vocal artists and video game companies.

He describes "Kokoro no Takarabako", the vocal theme for Chocobo Racing, as his greatest contribution to video game music. He has also performed in The Black Mages concerts playing piano renditions of the SaGa series songs.

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FF4 Dev Room - K Ito

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