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Keeper (full name Record Keeper) is the job class assigned to both Tyro and Dr. Mog in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

The Keepers are an underground society of powerful magic-wielding historians dedicated to preserving the stories of the Final Fantasy universe through their artwork, the Records of the series' numerous worlds and the battles fought within. They have collected these Records and placed them in the Royal Archives for safekeeping.



Being historians and researchers, Record Keepers don a uniform that resembles standard academy dress in Japan, with the exception of a tricornered mortarboard as a hat. This mortarboard has tassels at each point, and has an upward curl at the front.

They wear dark shirts and medium-blue jackets, sometimes rolled at the cuffs, and complemented by a yellow silk ascot or cravat around the neck. The lower part of the uniform is never seen in-game. Dr. Mog's variant appears oversized for moogles, but is accommodating of his pompom and wings.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Possessing all knowledge of the Records they create, Record Keepers appear to be masters of every discipline in the world, and are able to use all equipment found therein. Trained Keepers have also been shown with the ability to enter Record paintings and bring their stories to life. However, none of the Keepers is exceptionally proficient in any of the game's nine base statistical categories.

They use grimoires as their primary weapons, each containing a unique multi-target spell or ability.

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