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Kazuhiko Aoki

Kazuhiko Aoki.

Born on November 6, 1961, Kazuhiko Aoki (青木 和彦, Aoki Kazuhiko?) is a producer for Square Enix who has been working in the company for approximately twenty years. He joined the company in 1984 and began as an assistant for Hironobu Sakaguchi, collaborating with him on the scenarios for Cruise Chaser BLASSTY and Knight's Knight. Later, in 1988, he began working with his own design team as a Director. His first project as leader of a design team was Hanjuku Hero.

Aoki played various roles in the development of Final Fantasy series. However, some time after the merger with Enix, his role or activity in the company remains unknown.

Works Within the SeriesEdit

Game Aoki's Credit(s)
Final Fantasy III Battle Designer
Final Fantasy IV Battle Designer, Remake Supervisor
Final Fantasy V Remake Supervisor
Final Fantasy VII Event Designer
Final Fantasy IX Event Designer
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Director
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon Director
Chocobo's Dungeon 2 Director


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