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Good—Just like that. You can do it!
—Kasumi, during Regional Dominance missions.

Kasumi Tobuki is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy Type-0. Kasumi is a member of the Central Command at Akademeia. She is 22 year old and is 5'5" (167cm) tall.


The youngest member of Dominion Central Command, Kasumi stands in for Tachinami whenever he is engaged with other business, delivering orders to and coordinating time for Class Zero. She is mature and brilliant beyond her years, having already proven her prowess in the field. Gentle but firm, Kasumi functions less like a liaison and more like a big sister to Class Zero. They value her friendship and her guidance during the toughest of missions.


Kasumi is voiced by Minako Kotobuki in Japanese and Romina Hyland in English. She shares the same Japanese voice actress with Serah Farron from the Final Fantasy XIII series.



Kasumi (霞) is a common Japanese feminine given name meaning "mist". It can also come from 花 (ka) "flower" and 澄 (sumi) "clear".

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