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Mwa, ha, ha.... Humans and their desires! I'm free at last! I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar! Prepare yourselves!

The Kaiser Dragon, also known as CzarDragon, is a dummied superboss in Super Famicom/SNES versions of Final Fantasy VI. It is not possible to fight it normally, but it can be fought if the ROM is patched appropriately.

The CzarDragon seems to have gotten far in development. It has a taunt message that was even translated for the English version and possesses the standard immunities and decent statistics as is typical of a powerful boss, but its attack script is comprised of only attacking physically.

Rumors about how to fight the dragon in the game's Super NES release exist, such as the one involving petrifying the Blue Dragon. Of course, all the rumors are false, and the Blue Dragon is immune to Petrify.

An exact copy of the CzarDragon exists within the code of the Advance, mobile and PC releases. This is likely done because the SNES version's data was ported to the GBA version, and it was left in to avoid creating bugs.

AI scriptEdit

1st Turn: Attack (100%)

Kaiser DragonEdit

Although dummied from the original game, CzarDragon is fightable in the form of Kaiser Dragon in the Game Boy Advance and mobile remakes. Kaiser shares CzarDragon's gimmick as the "leader" of the Eight legendary dragons, as well as his superboss status and color scheme. Kaiser's sprite is also similar to the sprite for CzarDragon, simply with a longer tail and wings. Kaiser and Czar share the same Japanese name, and their English names echo each other: Czar (цар) is the Bulgarian word for emperor, while Kaiser means the same in German. Though Kaiser Dragon's speech is longer, the ending directly paraphrases CzarDragon's speech:

Czar Dragon: "I bring you destruction... I bring you terror... I am Czar! Prepare yourselves!"
Kaiser Dragon: "I am the dealer of destruction... I am the font from which fear springs... I am Kaiser... And your time is at an end."

Kaiser Dragon is fought in Dragons' Den, a bonus dungeon unlocked once the player kills all eight legendary dragons. In the dungeon, defeating stronger versions of the eight legendary dragons will unlock seals, eventually allowing the player to access Kaiser's lair. Defeating Kaiser Dragon earns the player the Diabolos magicite.

While the rumors about how to encounter CzarDragon are false, various points of the rumors—such as CzarDragon being fought after defeating the Eight legendary dragons, the eight legendary dragons must be fought again to fight him—are realized by Kaiser Dragon's appearance in the Advance and mobile releases. The idea of having to fight all nine of the dragons one after the other is also made reality by the Soul Shrine, where the player fights a series of enemies without interruptions, ending with the eight legendary dragons leading up to Kaiser as the final challenge.

Non-Final Fantasy appearancesEdit

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsEdit

Czar Dragon Mario RPG

A creature of the same name appears as in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, another game designed by Square. It is the boss of the Barrel Volcano.


Kaiser is the German title meaning "Emperor", derived ultimately from the name of Julius Caesar. Many languages use a descendant of the word Caesar to mean "emperor", such as Russian царь (tsar) and Greek Καῖσαρ (Kaîsar).

A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that features in the myths of many cultures.


  • Many "hacks" have been made to enable CzarDragon as a fightable monster in-game. However, most simply use the attack script of the Kaiser Dragon from the Advance release.

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