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Kain's Lance
This black lance is thought to have once belonged to a dragoon of legend.

Kain's Lance (ランス・オブ・カイン, Ransu obu Kain?) is a recurring weapon in several later installments of the Final Fantasy series. It is named in honor of Kain Highwind, the Dragoon from Final Fantasy IV.


Final Fantasy IXEdit

Spear from the distant past.

Kain's Lance is a weapon for Freya found in Memoria. It has an Attack power of 71 and teaches her the Dragon skills Dragon's Crest, Cherry Blossom, and White Draw. It also has a chance to inflict the Confuse status. The spear itself closely resembles the spear Kain holds seen in the original Final Fantasy IV logo.

Final Fantasy XEdit

Kain's Lance is a spear that can be bought or customized for Kimahri. Its key ability is SOS Overdrive.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

This upgraded weapon maintains the properties of the original, while boosting overall power and ATB capacity.

Kain's Lance is Fang's ultimate third tier weapon. While Kain's Lance always bestows Fang with an extra ATB bar, its passive abilities and stats vary based upon which of Fang's second tier weapon the players chooses to upgrade in order to synthesize it. Possible passive abilities include Improved Counter, if synthesized from the Gungnir, and Improved Debilitation, if synthesized from the Calamity Spear.

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceEdit

Black spear that belonged to a legendary dragoon.

Kain's Lance can be equipped by the Dragoon or Templar classes. It has an Attack power of 47 and teaches the Lifebreak skill to Templars. It is obtained by completing the mission Magewyrm.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Kain's Lance returns to be equipped by Dragoons and Templars. It has 47 Attack power, adds 2 Jump, and teaches Lifebreak to Templars. It can be bought for 5,700 gil in the shop after creating it in the Bazaar after using a Crusite Alloy, Vampyr Fang, and Black Thread.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

The Kain's Lance is Nine's second strongest weapon after the Lance of Longinus. Ii provides 69 Attack Power. It can be bought from the Akademeia Armory for 60,000 gil after complete The Keziah Diversion on Finis difficulty. In the PSP version it can also be acquired by exchanging for 10 tickets on the Square Enix Members site.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

The spear used by a champion from another world. Deludes and confuses enemies.
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The weapon's name derives from Final Fantasy IV where Kain wielded a spear. His name derives from a Biblical story. Cain was the brother of Abel in the Tanakh/Old Testament book of Genesis. Cain became the first murderer by killing his brother out of jealousy stemming from God choosing Abel's gift over that of Cain.

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