A Junk Shop in Balamb Town.

Remodel weapons and increase their power
—Game Instruction Manual

In Final Fantasy VIII items can be taken to a junk shop where they can be used to modify and upgrade a character's current weapon for a fee. Recipes to create new weapons can be found in Weapons Monthly magazines, but the magazines themselves are not needed to create weapons: one simply needs the appropriate components.

The junk shop serves as the game's weapon shop from previous Final Fantasy games, offering a list of advancements for each character. Upgrading a weapon in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Handyman.

Junk Shop (ジャンク屋呼び出し, Janku-ya Yobidashi?) is also an ability learned by the Guardian Force Doomtrain, which allows the player to visit a junk shop anywhere via the menu. This is useful for beyond the point of no return, as towns are inaccessible, although the player can still access junk shop within the Ragnarok if they salvage it from the Kashkabald Desert.

List of junk shopsEdit

Items used in junk shopsEdit

Some enemies need to be on a specific level to give the required items; see the enemies' individual articles for details.
Item Description Obtain
Screw Used for remodeling weapons Win: Geezard, GIM47N, GIM52A
Steal: Geezard
Refine: Geezard cards
Steel Pipe GF learns SumMag+10% ability Win: GIM47N and Wendigo
Steal: GIM47N and Wendigo
Refine: Elastoid cards
Mesmerize Blade Long, sharp blade Win: Mesmerize
Steal: Mesmerize
Refine: Mesmerize cards
Betrayal Sword Sword that betrays allies Win: Blitz and Forbidden
Steal: Blitz and Forbidden
Refine: Forbidden cards
Turtle Shell GF learns Vit+20% ability Steal: Adamantoise and Armadodo
Refine: Adamantoise cards
Dino Bone Large dinosaur bone Win: T-Rexaur
Steal: T-Rexaur
Refine: Armadodo, T-Rexaur and Sacred cards
Red Fang Dragon's fang with fire element Win: Chimera and Hexadragon
Steal: Chimera and Hexadragon
Refine: Hexadragon cards
Chef's Knife Tonberry knife Win: Tonberry
Steal: Tonberry
Refine: Tonberry and Tonberry King cards
Dragon Fang Dragon's fang with recovery force Win: Blue Dragon, Grendel, Hexadragon, SAM08G, T-
Pulse Ammo Bullet with sealed energy Obtain some from the Grease Monkey sidequest
Refine: Laser Cannon, Energy Crystal (see this list) or Power Generator
M-stone Piece Stone with weak magic power Common item, win from various enemies
Refine: Funguar and Bite Bug cards
Shear Feather Bird's feather that flies on wind Win: Thrustaevis
Steal: Thrustaevis
Refine: Thrustaevis cards
Magic Stone Stone with magic power Common item, win from various enemies
Refine: Grat, Buel and Jelleye cards
Saw Blade Serrated blade Win: Belhelmel
Steal: Belhelmel
Refine: Belhelmel cards
Cockatrice Pinion Feather with petrifying power Win: Cockatrice
Steal: Cockatrice
Refine: Cockatrice cards
Sharp Spike Long, sharp nail Win: Armadodo, Death Claw and Grand Mantis
Steal: Grand Mantis
Refine: Grand Mantis cards
Windmill Windmill with absorbed wind energy Win: Abyss Worm, Death Claw and Thrustaevis
Refine: Abyss Worm cards
Regen Ring GF learns HP+20% ability Win: Chimera, Lefty, Torama, Turtapod, Mesmerize and Vysage
Steal:Biggs (second battle) and Torama
Refine: Chimera cards
Force Armlet GF learns Spr+40% ability Win: X-ATM092, Edea (second battle), Forbidden, Ochu
Refine: Spr-J Scroll
Buy: Esthar City RinRin's Shop
Obtain from Angelo Search
Energy Crystal GF learns SumMag+30% ability Win: Behemoth, Elnoyle and Ruby Dragon
Refine: Elnoyle cards
Obtain from Angelo Search
Fish Fin Sand-dweller's fin Win: Fastitocalon and Fastitocalon-F
Steal: Fastitocalon and Fastitocalon-F
Dragon Fin Very hard dragon's fin Win: Grendel and SAM08G
Steal: Grendel
Refine: Grendel cards
Spider Web Learns Ultra Waves Win: Caterchipillar
Steal: Caterchipillar
Refine: Caterchipillar cards
Dragon Skin Durable dragon skin Win: Anacondaur and Grendel
Fury Fragment Stone with morale sealed inside Win: Blue Dragon, Grendel and Ruby Dragon
Steal: Blue Dragon
Refine: Blue Dragon cards
Adamantine GF learns Vit+60% ability Win: Adamantoise
Steal: BGH251F2
Refine: Minotaur card
Obtain from Angelo Search
Ochu Tentacle Strong, flexible tentacle Win: Ochu
Steal: Ochu
Refine: Ochu cards
Malboro Tentacle Learns Bad Breath Win: Malboro
Steal: Malboro
Refine: Malboro cards
Bomb Fragment Stone with Fire element Win: Bomb
Steal: Bomb
Refine: Bomb cards
Steel Orb Orb with gravitational power Win: GIM47N and Wendigo
Steal: GIM47N
Refine: Wendigo cards
Inferno Fang Learns Fire Breath Win: Hexadragon and Ruby Dragon
Steal: Ruby Dragon
Refine: Ruby Dragon cards
Life Ring Ring with life force Win: Lefty, Mesmerize, Torama and Turtapod
Steal: Lefty
Refine: Torama cards
Star Fragment GF learns SumMag+20% ability Win: Anacondaur, Chimera, Hexadragon, Iron Giant, Ruby Dragon, T-Rexaur, Tri-Face
Refine: Iron Giant cards
Curse Spike Learns Lv?Death Win: Creeps, Forbidden, Grand Mantis, Imp, Malboro, Tri-Face
Steal: Tri-Face
Refine: Tri-Face cards
Obtain from Angelo Search
Dynamo Stone Stone with Lightning element Win: Blitz, Cockatrice, Creeps and GIM47N
Steal: Elastoid
Refine from Quezacotl card