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Jump, also called Jumping, is a recurring status in the series. It is associated with the Jump ability, and allows the user to become untargetable until they have finished their attack. In the games it appears in, it is generally unnamed.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

IV Jump is a temporary status that wears off when the command is completed. The Jump status is timed, and having high Agility reduces the duration of this timer. The character jumps into the air and eventually lands on the monster. A powered up attack is the result of the timer ending normally.

This status is granted when the Jump command is executed. All physical attacks on this target are redirected. All single targeted magical attacks on this target are ignored or missed. All multi-target magical attacks subtract targets with this status in the magic damage algorithm. Any status effect that has a timer is temporarily stopped. Once the character lands on the target, the status is removed. Any status effect that has a timer continues to run afterwards.

The player won't see a status description while the status is granted on the character when they are selecting a Cure or Esuna spell or healing items.

Final Fantasy VEdit

V This status is caused when using the Jump and the dummied Hishou command. A jumping character can't be targeted by nothing but the enemy ability Interceptor, used by Mecha Head. The effect is dispelled when jump is finished.

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT A unit who has selected the Dragoon's "Jump" ability will leap high upwards, going offscreen, and cannot be targeted while in this condition. The unit will come back to the field later in a given turn, landing in the tile they targeted.