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I'm an Archades streetear, see.

July (ジュリー, Jurii?) is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XII. She is a streetear from the Imperial City of Archades. While trading knowledge along the streets, she came across the wife of an Archadian soldier.

The woman is concerned about her husband, Gibbs, who refuses to reveal anything about his past, and she asked July to spy on him and find out. July travels far to the Nalbina Fortress where Gibbs is stationed alongside Deweg.

Gibbs and Deweg guard the pass leading to Mosphoran Highwaste when Vaan's party attempts to enter the area. July silently watches from afar when the party rides a chocobo up to Gibbs and learns about Gibbs's past, thanks the party, and invites them to Archades where she will reward them with a Salamand Halcyon at Charlotte's Magickery.

July uses a generic NPC field model for her appearance. Another character with her appearance is the bartender Melisa from the Cloudborn Tavern in Bhujerba.

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