Moogle Juggler.


Festive moogle job. Attacks and entertains.
—In-game description

Juggler (曲芸士, Kyokugeishi?) is a job from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance available to moogles. Jugglers use special items against their foes, and almost all of the items inflict a status ailment. One ability, Dagger, inflicts the Disable status and damages the opponent, making the Juggler a good job for stalling. The ability Concentrate from the Gunner class improves the special stunts' hit rate.



Move Rate Jump Rate Evade Rate
4 2 40
Weapon Head Body Equip Shields?
Knives Hats Clothing No



The Juggler is a unique job; it has high Speed, the best Defense and acceptable Attack, but the rest of its stats are mediocre. Mog Knights have more balanced defenses and higher Attack, but lose out on the excellent Speed.

HP MP Attack Defense Magic Power Magic Resistance Speed
6.8 B- 1.6 D- 8.2 B- 9.9 S 6.4 D 6.4 D 1.7 B



Juggler command. Attack with hoops and balls.

Ability Equipment Effect AP Power Range
Hurl Kris Knife Throw stocked item to deal damage. 100 4
Ring Rondell Dagger Throw hoop to stop target. 200 4
Firebomb Khukuri Damaging molotov cocktail. Induces berserker rage. 300 30 4
Ball Scramasax Smacks head with ball to confuse target. 200 4
Dagger Jambiya Thrown dagger deals damage and disables target. 300 35 4
Smile Orichalcum Spreads the joy to allow ally to act immediately. 300 4
Gil Toss Jack Knife Throws gil to deal damage. Gil thrown is lost. 100 4


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Catch Chain Plate Catches thrown item and places it in stock. 300
Return Fire Power Sash Catch arrow shot at you and shoot it back. 300


Ability Equipment Effect AP
Juggle Combo Mythril Knife Easily chained combo ability for jugglers. 100

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit


Juggler2 TCG

Juggler appears with an ice-elemental card.


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