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The Juggernaut is an enemy that appears in Final Fantasy XIII.

Battle Edit

The Juggernaut uses Fire-based attacks to damage opponents; it makes use of Steam Clean to cure itself of any status ailments.

Strategy Edit

When facing the Juggernaut, it is recommended that Barfire be cast to reduce the damage received from its Fire-based attacks. A paradigm deck consisting of one Saboteur and two Ravagers can be used to debuff this enemy while also increasing its chain gauge. Once staggered, the Juggernaut can be launched.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit


FFRK Juggernaut FFXIII
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Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

Juggernaut is an English word that refers to "a huge, powerful, and overwhelming force or institution." It is derived from the Sanskrit word Jagannātha, which means "lord of the universe."

Related enemies Edit

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

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