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The new Ivalice holds no place for the name Dalmasca. The stain of Raithwall's blood shall be washed clean from history's weave!
—Judge Bergan

Bergan is a boss in Final Fantasy XII. A ruthless Judge Magister, the party fights him after the events in Stilshrine of Miriam on Mt Bur-Omisace. Three Judges fight alongside him.

Bergan is fought in Trial Mode in Stage 100 in Zodiac versions alongside the other four Judge Magisters@ Drace, Zargabaath, Gabranth and Ghis. In the Trial Mode, Genji Gloves can be stolen from him.

Bestiary entry Edit

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Judge Magister of the Archadian Imperial Army, director of the 2nd Bureau.
A warrior by training, he has a personal affinity for weapons and combat.
His experience with warfare has positioned him as the Empire's preeminent Judge overseeing invasion and military envoys. A staunch supporter of Lord Vayne (also a believer in administration by force). he has dedicated his life to ensuring Vayne's aspirations come to fruition.

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Trial Mode

Battle Edit

The original Japanese version of this battle is different.

At the start of the battle, Judge Bergan is flanked with Imperial Judges who serve mostly as a shield and distraction. When the majority of Bergan's HP is drained, he will use Battle Cry, which increases his Defense and raises his Attack power. Judge Bergan is vulnerable to Sleep.

Strategy Edit

It is best to lure the Imperial Judges away from Bergan to the other side, and hopefully kill at least one Judge before Bergan pursues. It's best to defeat the Imperial Judges first and minimize the damage taken before focusing on defeating Bergan.

If the party is getting overwhelmed, one can summon Mateus and let him shield the party while recovering. Another strategy is to immediately use a Quickening chain on Bergan. As he has low HP for a boss at this point in the game, a Quickening chain along with a Concurrence can overwhelm the Judge, and two Quickening chains, if the party has at least one for every character and two for each in the main party, will be enough to defeat Bergan if chained correctly.

Trial Mode Edit

Bergan is fought in Stage 100 alongside the other Judge Magisters. Bergan is the main physical damage leader and has the highest HP. He only attacks, but Zargabaath casts Bravery and Berserk on him, making Bergan a dangerous foe to deal with.

If all party characters are in Reverse, Bergan will do nothing until it runs out. However, if Bergan is berserked he will not hold back and can thus become a good source of healing. One must be careful, however, to not let Reverse run out at a critical moment, or else Bergan can quickly KO the character.

Bergan is vulnerable to Disease, but if Ghis and Drace are already dealt with, this is irrelevant, as neither Gabranth nor Zargabaath use Elixirs on Bergan. Bergan doesn't use any Elixirs himself.

Strategy Edit

Bergan should be the third Judge to die once Ghis and Drace are disposed of. The player should dispel his Bravery and Berserk that Zargabaath grants him, and put Zargabaath to Sleep to keep him from doing it again. With Zargabaath asleep (one should keep an eye on him and reapply it as needed) the player can focus down Bergan. He walks slowly, so it's possible to run away from him with the character he targets.

Bergan has the highest HP and power of the Judges, so Protectga is useful to endure his blows. It's also possible to repeatedly use Wither on Bergan, massively reducing his Strength. After a few successful Withers, Bergan will be harmless.

Since Bergan is incapable of harming a party member in Reverse, using it will make Bergan static. As long as the player has the means to deal with the X-Potions thrown by Gabranth, and has previously taken out Ghis, this may be the safer option compared to taking Bergan's hits.

Another option to deal with Bergan is to keep him afflicted with Confuse to keep him attacking the other Judges. Because he and Drace are not immune to Confuse, the two can be distracted by constantly re-applying Confuse until the others are dealt with. Once they are, attacking with magick will not end Confuse, so Bergan can be safely killed while Zargabaath is asleep and Gabranth is Withered. Having the party leader equipped with Nihopalaoa the player can manually use Prince's Kisses and Nu Khai Sands on the Judges vulnerable to their effects.

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