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Jubanla Region.

Jubanla Region (ユハンラ地方, Yuhanra Chihō?) is a region in Orience in Final Fantasy Type-0 located near Old Lorica Region. It is visited in chapter 4 when the cadets are trying to get back to Akademeia and are picked up by an airship at this area. The air here is perpetually rippling because of the volcano.


Northern CorridorEdit

The Northern Corridor cave leads from here to the Northern Togoreth Region.

Mount JubanlaEdit

Mount Jubanla is the volcano. To get inside, the cadets must go round the path on the volcano's side.


Monster Pursuit IVEdit

In Chapter 5 first free time period a legionary in the Central Command room in Akademeia asks Class Zero to fell six Bombs at the Jubanla Region for him. The cadets can get to this area via the Northern Corridor, north of Mi-Go. The reward for completing the task is five X-Potions.


  • Ziusudra's Crystal is found lying on the ground near the bridge to the volcano side of the area.


The enemies in this region are between levels 24-48.


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