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Final Fantasy XI Spell
Jubaku: Ichi
MP: 1 Jusatsu
Effect: Paralyzes an enemy.
Duration: Varies
Casting Time: 4 Seconds
Recast Time: 30 Seconds
Magic Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Ice
Jobs: NIN 30

Jubaku: Ichi inflicts paralysis on an enemy. It is more accurate than the White Magic spell Paralyze, and it costs 1 Kaginawa tool to cast.

The higher-level version of the spell is Jubaku: Ni. However, players are unable to cast Jubaku: Ni. Interestingly, Final Fantasy XI's official strategy guide from many years ago lists it as a spell that can be learned by Ninja, suggesting that perhaps Jubaku: Ni was originally going to be available to players. However, in the game, only enemies can use Jubaku: Ni. Making this even more interesting is that Maat, the man who assumes all 15 pre-Treasures of Aht Urhgan jobs, can cast Jubaku: Ni as a Ninja. Normally, Maat only uses abilities that can be used by players. This further hints that perhaps Ninja was going to receive the higher-level Jubaku spell as well.

The scroll to learn this spell can be obtained from the quest Secret of the Damp Scroll.


Translation: Jubaku means "curse" in Japanese, and Jusatsu, the tool used, means "curse paper".


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