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Jote, Elder of the viera.

Ivalice is for the humes. The Wood alone is for us.

Jote (ヨーテ, Yōte?) is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XII. She is a viera, Fran and Mjrn's eldest sister, and a prominent figure in Eruyt Village.



Fran returns to Eruyt and meets Jote.

Jote is the viera Elder of Eruyt village. Most of her days as elder passed peacefully, but then one day, her sister Fran showed interest in leaving the Wood. Jote, along with the other elders of the Wood, tried to convince her otherwise, however Fran followed her heart and did what she thought was right. She removed herself from the village and abandoned her sisters. Jote, having to respect the Law of Wood, (despite the fact that it crushed her), forbid Fran any entry through the Wood; she and the others considered Fran was no longer a viera.

50 years later, her other sister, Mjrn, left the village as well. Again, Jote had to take a stoic approach to this and said that she had to disregard her last sister. However, when Fran enters the village once more, Jote is forced to tell them where Mjrn went. After the party returned with Mjrn, and Fran warned Mjrn against leaving the Wood, Jote showed her gratitude by giving them Lente's Tear, a charm that allows passage through the barriers of the Wood.

As the party leaves, Fran asks her sister if the Wood now hates her. After listening to the woods, Jote tells her that the Wood wants her child back. Fran smiles, believing her sister does not speak the truth, and leaves, content that her sister still cares about her. Jote loves both of her headstrong sisters, however her position does not allow her to forgive those who disgrace the Wood.


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