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The other cloaked figure who appears in the Chapter of Truth, Lean is also known as "the forgotten joker." Shrouded in mystery, Lean occasionally masquerades as a soldier in order to assist the cadets. Based on his conversation with Dr. Al-Rashia, it appears he, too, has some sort of connection with Ace and the rest of Class Zero.

Joker, real name Lean Hampelmann (リーン・ハンペルマン, Rīn Hanperuman?), is a guest character from Final Fantasy Type-0 working with Tiz in overseeing the events on Orience's history. In Final Fantasy Agito, Lean's full story is revealed.



According to the Rubicus, Joker's birthdate and age are unknown, and he is 182cm tall. In Final Fantasy Type-0 his face cloaked from view, but he wears the dominion legionaries' cloak, and at one point also a Militesi soldier uniform. Final Fantasy Agito reveals he has light brown hair in an asymmetrical haircut, and golden eyes.


Joker is mysterious and not many details are revealed about him. He accompanies Tiz and is loyal to her as well as Arecia, who, like Class Zero, he calls "mother".


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Final Fantasy Type-0 Side Story: The Reaper of the Icy BladeEdit

FFT0 Gaiden Lean

Lean joins the Akademeia.

Lean appears in the Extra Chapter: "If Only...", as a student of the Imperial Academy.

Final Fantasy AgitoEdit

Agito During the first cycle of history in Orience, "Joker" worked under the name of Lean Hampelmann, a prodigy scientist from the Militesi Empire. He is described as being enthusiastic and devoted to Cid Aulstyne's plans for Orience.[1] He remains an observer of events, seeing the results of the war and the coming of Tempus Finis. The second spiral of Agito sees Lean being contacted by Arecia along with Tohno, and becoming immortal servants who exist outside the Spiral's influence. Upon seeing the continued effect of the Spiral, the two decide to find a way of preserving the memories of Orience's people and freeing Orience from Arecia's experiment.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


FFT0 Machine meets Joker & Tiz

Joker and Tiz meet Machina in Ingram.

Joker and Tiz meet Machina Kunagiri as a White Tiger l'Cie and introduce themselves. They ask him to clear a path for them through the battlegrounds so they can reach Militesi Marshal Cid Aulstyne. Afterwards, they thank Machina for his assistance, and Tiz remarks the pair is like him. She predicts they will meet again, and Joker says that if Tiz says so, it must be right, before bidding farewell to his "other self".


Joker meets Arecia.

After Machina and Rem turn into crystal and Class Zero perishes in the battle against the Rursan Arbiter, Joker and Tiz request Arecia to release Machina and Rem from their crystal stasis and convince her to remove the Crystals from history to prevent the war from occurring.

In a hidden cutscene that takes place at an unspecified time, Joker and Tiz spend time in the woods. Tiz talks about how the current cycle of the world being changed, and Joker finds it unusual. She wonders what she should do and he mentions he has something to report. Tiz is puzzled, but Joker says "that person" is not as "sensitive" as Tiz, so he is going to tell her. She agrees, and asks him to reveal what he has to say. he replies that telling her now would be difficult and she knows that. Tiz laughs in agreement, then says, "Let's go, Lean. Lean Joker." Joker nods and they leave.

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Lean joker

Joker in battle.

Once the player has obtained the item "Tiz's Prayer" (through accomplishing the special order when facing Nimbus in Chapter 3), if the "Support Personnel" is selected in the Assist Options at the beginning of a mission, Joker can randomly join the party as a guest, appearing as "???". He wields the "Unknown" and is dressed in a legionary's uniform, and is under constant Invisible status.


Joker is voiced by Kōki Uchiyama in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Type-0. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Ventus and Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts series, Soul from Soul Eater, and Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

In the English version, Joker is voiced by Adam McArthur.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

TCG Lean makes an appearance ion a Lightning-elemental card.



Joker may refer to a jester or fool that was a historical person employed to entertain a ruler in medieval times or a special type of playing card found in most modern decks usually depicted as a court jester.

Hampelmann is the German word for jumping-jack.


  • Though his face is hidden in Final Fantasy Type-0, hacking his character model reveals that he looks almost identical to Machina.


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