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Pretty interesting... I have a feeling that we'll meet again.
—Joe upon meeting Cloud the first time

Joe (ジョー, ?) is an Non-player character in Final Fantasy VII. A master chocobo jockey, Joe is first introduced to the player when escaping Corel Prison, and Ester introduces the player to him. At this time, Joe's appearance is minor. Later in the game, Joe randomly appears in Chocobo Races at the Gold Saucer when the player is racing.

Teioh stats

Teioh on the status screen.

In contrast to the other NPC jockeys, which appear indistinguishable from each other and ride randomly-colored chocobos, Joe is immediately recognizable by his red coat, white pants and black hat. He is also the only NPC jockey to ride a black chocobo, named Teioh. Joe is notable as an opponent in that his chocobo's stats are always higher than the player's chocobo, making it difficult to win; even if the player is riding a gold chocobo with maxed-out stats, Teioh's stats will still be higher. His stamina can exceed 999, the maximum allowed for the player, and he can possess a top speed of over 150km. Teioh's speed will always be the player's speed +10%, and his stamina will always be the player's stamina +25%.

Exactly when Joe appears is random, but the higher the player's rank is, the more likely it is he will appear. At "S" rank, Joe will appear in most races. Once the race begins, Joe immediately teleports behind the player's chocobo. As Teioh is a black chocobo, Joe is unaffected by the slow-down areas, so gaining/maintaining a lead on him is difficult. Joe tends to sprint at the very end of the course, which is typically when he will overtake the player and any other chocobos and finish first.

With a black or gold chocobo the player can rob Joe's advantage and beat him with only minimal difficulties. Even lower-ranked blue and green chocobos, or exceptionally well-bred normal chocobos, can beat him, although this is more difficult.

Once the player has won 10 straight races at "S" rank, Ester mentions Cloud's the best jockey she's seen since Joe, and gives him a variety of prizes for his feat.

If the player has a chocobo with less than 120 max speed and less than 450 stamina and enters in a Rank S race, Teioh will be worse than the other computer players. If Joe finishes 3rd, 4th, or 5th, Teioh will hang his head down and Joe will get angry.



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