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Cecil... I will trust you to keep my daughter safe.
—Joanna Farrell

Joanna Farrell, known in the game as Rosa's Mother (ローザのはは, Rōza no Haha?), is a minor non-playable character in Final Fantasy IV, and the mother of Rosa. According to a Japanese novelization of the game, her first name was chosen as Rosa's middle name. In her youth, Joanna served Baron as a White Mage alongside Rosa's unnamed dragoon father.

She can be found in a house in the middle of Baron. Her dialogue shows regret for allowing Rosa to become a White Mage. In the DS version, Joanna orders Rosa to stay home if she is in the party after the Tower of Zot. Through their discussion, Joanna is reminded by her daughter of her years supporting her husband as in the same manner, and she comes to accept and admire how her daughter has grown as a woman.


  • In the DS version of Final Fantasy IV, Joanna will repeat her special dialogue with Rosa if the player talks to her again.

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