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Jenova∙LIFE, referred to as Jenova Life in the BradyGames guide, is a boss in Final Fantasy VII and the last boss of Part 1. The "J-E-N-O-V-A" music does not play in the battle, rather "Aeris's theme" continues playing from the previous scene. This is one of the few battles in the game to not trigger a victory pose.

If the player did not talk to the Innkeeper about the situation of the town during the Kalm flashback, defeating Jenova∙LIFE will trigger the "Aeris's ghost" event to occur the next time the player visits the Sector 5 Church.


# Formation
671 Jenova▪LIFE


Forgotten Capital
Water Altar 671 (event)


Jenova∙LIFE attacks with Blue Light, Blue Flame, and uses Reflect for defense, and always uses as counter-attack it after being hit with Magic Hammer or any magical attack. Her Blue Light attack may be used twice in one turn. All of her attacks consume MP and are Water-based.

Players should have the Enemy Skill Materia in this battle to learn Jenova∙LIFE's Aqualung ability.


Casting Magic Hammer will quickly prevent Jenova from using her most damaging attacks, but each time Magic Hammer is used on her, she will cast Reflect. Reflect is easily disabled with De-Barrier. As she only has 300 MP, three cycles of De-Barrier and Magic Hammer will render her unable to fight. Equipping a Water Ring will make the battle impossible to lose.

Non-reflectable spells and summons are useful, such as Comet, Beta, Bahamut, Kujata, Odin, and Titan. For other offense, Quake2 or Quake3 are good, as well as each character's best Limit Breaks. Casting Haste or Big Guard on the party would speed up the process.

The player can inflict Paralysis with Cloud's Cross-slash or Dazers won from Boundfat outside the Forgotten Capital.

AI scriptEdit

AI: Setup {

Count = Rnd(0..3)
SpclChance = 5

} AI: Main {

If (Count == 0 or 1) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use Blue Light on Target
If (Rnd(1..SpclChance) == 1) Then
Choose Random Opponent
Use Blue Light on Target
Count = Count + 1
} Else If (Count == 2) Then {
Choose Random Opponent
Use Blue Flame on Target
If (Rnd(1..SpclChance) == 1) Then
Count = 3
} Else {
Count = 0
} Else {
Choose All Opponents
Use Aqualung on Target
Count = 0

} AI: Counter - General {

If (Jenova*LIFE's HP <= 25% of Jenova*LIFE's Max HP) Then
SpclChance = 2
} Else If (Jenova*LIFE's HP <= 50% of Jenova*LIFE's Max HP) Then {
SpclChance = 3
} Else If (Jenova*LIFE's HP <= 75% of Jenova*LIFE's Max HP) Then {
SpclChance = 4
} Else {
SpclChance = 5

} AI: Counter - Magical {

If ((Jenova*LIFE doesn't have Reflect Status)
AND (Jenova*LIFE's MP >= 30)) Then
Choose Self
Use Reflect on Target


Other appearancesEdit

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit


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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


FFAB Jenova-LIFE Battle

A party fighting Jenova∙LIFE in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Jenova∙LIFE appears as an enemy during an event called "Calamity From the Skies". Jenova∙LIFE uses Blue Light that covers the screen with a blue tint and forms blue clouds around the party that can explode and cause damage.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


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The dot between the words is an interpunct used in Japanese to indicate that a full proper noun is two separate words. It appears in Final Fantasy VII in the boss names of Jenova's parts and Sephiroth's boss forms.

The names of Jenova∙BIRTH, Jenova∙LIFE, and Jenova∙DEATH are alluded to Saṃsāra, the repeating cycle of birth, life, and death in Buddhism.

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