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Jane: The Moving Ocean Puzzle is the fifteenth episode of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

Story DetailEdit


The episode opens with Knave briefing the Comodeen as to the purpose of the journey; to find the Flight Water needed to make the airship Silvia fly. Meanwhile Cid brags to the children about the design of the craft, giving them a complete list of all the craft's specification.

A short montage follows, showing the children enjoying all the thrills of the vessel, and the Comodeen hard at work training and maintaining the craft. As the day ends, and the children are shown to their cabin, Crux is seen outside, swimming at pace with the submarine.


Meanwhile, Pist informs the Earl that his trap is set, and the only thing left is to wait for the victims to come closer. At the same time, deep in a desert littered with bones, Kaze is seen recalling the destruction of his world, and the woman that went missing. The scene ends with him looking out over an nearby ocean.

Returning to Jane, the crew and the children's initial enthusiasm has dulled down after a week of travel without events. Fungo suddenly leaps up to the pilot's controls, where Cid, Lisa, Ai, and Yu are seated, declaring he has a bad feeling about something. While Ai initially disregards the comments, Cid explains that Fungo has extremely sharp instincts, and questions Fungo as to what is making him uneasy. However, Fungo can not pinpoint the feeling.


Returning to Pist's hideout, Pist announces that the trap has been sprung, and so he actives it.

Aboard Jane, Lisa seems to be in pain, announcing that the energies here are in chaos. Shudders run through the craft as it and all aboard are drawn into a strange purple square floating before them. Despite Cid's efforts, they are powerless to escape the pull, and are lost into the void.

On the other side, Jane floats through a sea filled with images and lights. A strange fish appears, swimming directly for them. With a direct hit from a torpedo, the threat is quickly averted. Soon after, the group spots an unexpected object floating in the sea: Kaze.

After bringing him aboard, Lisa announces that he is not breathing. Just as Knave is about to begin CPR, Kaze awakens, seemingly unaffected by his time in the water.


Before the group can question Kaze, an image of Pist appears before the ship. He explains that he has captured the ship in his Ocean Puzzle, and explains the rules of play: the Puzzle is made of numerous cubes, each one has an obstacle of some kind. Clearing the obstacle will move them closer to the exit, while failing to do so will move them closer to the bottom of the puzzle. If they are to fail while at the bottom of the puzzle, they will be lost in chaos.


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