Leader of the rebel army in the Zoldaad Empire. Easygoing on the surface, with an eye for women to rival even Rain's, inside beats an earnest and determined heart that bleeds for the struggles of his people. Though he uses his sly nature to manipulate Rain and his comrades at first, this only proves how resourceful he is.
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Jake is one of the main characters of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A mercenary and the leader of a rebel army, he fights for freedom in the Zoldaad Empire, wherein its inhabitants suffer under the rule of Emperor Sozhe.



Jake has layered greenish-blond hair tied into a short ponytail. He has green eyes and a short beard. He wears a dark grey sleeveless shirt, green cargo pants and black and yellow combat boots. He wields a pair of triangular shaped gunblades which can be attached at the hilts.

In the second season, his clothing choice is largely unchanged, although he changes his weapon to that of a massive handcannon. He has also cut his hair short and has more prominent facial hair.


Jake is most of the time seen as aloof, laid back and flirty, chasing after any girl he encounters regardless of age and attempting to court them. However deep inside, he is a calculating, resourceful and precise individual, who when serious can actually yield great results and inspire a surprisingly charismatic and effective leadership. These traits along with his strong determination make him a good leader for his rebel organization with all the members placing full trust on him.

Jake vehemently opposes any injustice and abuse of power or authority, knowing it will be the weak that will get hurt, standing up to those who otherwise have no ability to fight back, which is what forced him to take on arms to defend his fellow countrymen from the tyranny of the empire.

Despite his background, Jake is surprisingly level-headed, not holding any grudges against his father for casting him aside due to his illegitimate origins, nor against half-brother Shera, but rather opposed his father out of the injustices he was committing and fully supported the Crown Prince despite Jake himself being eligible for the throne.

Jake has shown to be fiercely loyal to those who he trusts and those who otherwise have placed their trust on him, refusing any backhanded deals that could benefit him, out of a sense of duty.

Jake has a rather complex relationship with Lid. The two interact the most out of each other in the party with Jake often attempting to flirt with her, which causes her to reject him at every instance. His romantic approaches and loud-spoken fantasies even in serious situations force her to constantly keep him reined and to focus in the bigger picture. Nonetheless the two feel genuine affection for each other.

At some undisclosed point, Jake and Nichol developed a "bromance" friendship of sorts. Although Nichol believes Jake to be a perverted, lecherous and licentious person, he is nonetheless amused with his advices which ironically worked perfectly to convince the likes of Veritas of the Light against revenge. Jake in turn promises to teach him about his "31 lady killing techniques".


3★ - No. 0393: "The leader of the rebel army opposing the Zoldaad Empire. A lighthearted man by nature, Jake is even more easily swayed by women than Rain. However, he hides a fierce resolution within to protect those who suffer from oppression. When Jake first met Rain and his comrades, he made use of his sly and cunning to manipulate them into doing his bidding. These resourceful qualities, among others, are what make him such an efficient leader."
4★ - No. 0394: "The man leading the people of the rebel army fighting against the oppressive Zoldaad Empire. Jake is a well seasoned warrior who used Rain and his companions to his own ends, albeit without any malice behind his motives. Always seeking to aid the defenseless, he is rarely apologetic about the soft spot he has developed for the ladies."
5★ - No. 0395: "A man who befriended Rain and his companions whilst opposing the oppressive Zoldaad Empire. Jake always defends the little people and stands by what is righteous, condemning the powerful who prey upon the weak. He never fails to defend any ladies in his presence, and treats Rain and Lasswell as if they were his own children. Occasionally, he will also impart some words of wisdom befitting his age."
—Entries for different versions of Jake.
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Jake's job is listed as Mercenary. His role is that of Physical Damage. He is a story unit that can be obtained during the end of the Zoldaad chapter. He starts at Rarity 3★, and can be awakened up to 5★. As regards weapons, Jake can be equipped with daggers, swords, great swords, spears, guns; as armor, he can wear hats, clothes, light armor along with accessories.

Being one of the main characters, Jake has several alternate versions, with different and usually more powerful abilities than his season one version and Trust Master Rewards of their own. Many of them are time-limited however.

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Triple TriadEdit

Jake appears on a Triple Triad card in the version available via the Final Fantasy Portal App.


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  • Jake's relationship with Lid can be seen as analogous to that of Ringabel with Edea Lee. Both men are womanizer perverts that constantly anger the respective women into trying to keep them silent and focused. Nonetheless, in both cases the couples have genuine feelings for each other.