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Item magic is a form of magic in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-. It is functionally identical to item magic in Final Fantasy IV, cast through the Item menu and as an alternative to Black Magic and White Magic.

List of item magic spellsEdit


The following spells can be used without item magic.

Weapon Type Spell Power Spell
Flame Lance Spear 16 Fira
Gaia Hammer Hammer 4 Quake
Rod Rod 28 Magic Arrow
Lilith Rod Rod 32 Osmose
Polymorph Rod Rod Pig
Faerie Rod Rod Confuse
Stardust Rod Rod 28 Comet
Healing Staff Staff 12 Heal
Mythril Staff Staff Basuna
Aura Staff Staff Dispel
Rune Staff Staff Silence


The following are spells only usable through item magic.

Name Spell Power Description Weapon Image
Magic Arrow 28 Deals minor non-elemental damage. Rod
Heal 12 Restores minor HP to all party members. Healing Staff
Basuna Removing Berserk, Confuse, Sleep, and Paralyze. Mythril Staff

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