Final Fantasy XIII-2 Enemy
イスプステケ (Isupusteke)
Ispusteke FFXIII-2
HP FFXIII-2 Strength Icon FFXIII-2 Magic Icon
105,900 152 423
Stagger Icon FFXIII Chain Icon FFXIII
130% 100
Keep Launch Libra
85 Immune 30
CP Gil
208 629
Fire Icon FFXIII Ice Icon FFXIII Lightning Icon FFXIII
Halved Halved Halved
Wind Icon FFXIII Physical Icon FFXIII Magical Icon FFXIII
Halved - Halved
Status resistanceThe lower the number, the more suspectible the enemy is to the status.
Deprotect-ffxiii-icon Deshell-ffxiii-icon Slow-ffxiii-icon Poison-ffxiii-icon Imperil-ffxiii-icon
50% Immune 30% Immune 30%
Curse-ffxiii-icon Pain-ffxiii-icon Fog-ffxiii-icon Debrave-ffxiii-icon Defaith-ffxiii-icon
Immune - Immune - -
Daze-ffxiii-icon Wound Death-ffxiii-icon Dispel-ffxiii-icon Provoke-ffxiii-icon
Immune - Immune - 30%
Location The Archylte Steppe -Year Unknown- (Stonestump Wastelands (Cloudy), Grave Ridge (Cloudy), Clearwater Marshes (Stormy)
Type Cie'th
Subtype Unusual Cie'th
Recruit Chance Untameable
Common Drop Mana Crystal (20%)
Rare Drop Blaster's Sapphire (2%)
Abilities Inertial Barrier, Multicast
Notes - Executes powerful magic attacks.
- Chain bonus accumulates slowly.
- Capable of inflicting Poison.

The Ispusteke is an enemy in Final Fantasy XIII-2. It appears alone or with one other Ispusteke. The Ispusteke can be a very dangerous opponent if not handled carefully. To begin with, a player should obtain a preemptive strike, which is invaluable for dealing with these creatures.

Once the battle begins, the player should begin with Relentless Assault to stabilize the chain gauge, then switch to Tri-disaster to increase it as quickly as possible. Whenever the Ispusteke uses Multicast, the player should switch to a defensive paradigm to reduce the damage dealt, and then switch back to Tri-disaster quickly. Once the creature is staggered, the party should switch to Cerberus. Its defenses are extremely low, so it should not last through the entire stagger period.

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Ispusteke TCG
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