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Iron Giant is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

This steely behemoth paces the concourse of an ancient airship, patrolling for intruders. Although classified in the Rubicus as a "monster," much of its true nature—including what precisely hides beneath the sturdy armor—is still shrouded in mystery.

The iron giant is a highly sentient creature, adjusting its defensive stance in accordance with the opponent's mode of offense by imbuing itself with Protect or Barrier status to deal with physical and magical assaults, respectively. Furthermore, it becomes completely invulnerable to all attacks when it feels threatened. Given these advanced abilities, some suspect the iron giant to be not a monster, but some artificially created instrument of ancient teknology.


Iron Giants adapt to their enemies' offensive by either casting Protect or Barrier on themselves, making a good mixture of both, physical and magical attacks, the only way to fight them efficiently. Moreover, Iron Giants won't be defeated by normal attacks or spells, but only by falling victim to a successful Killsight attack.



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