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Iris Amicitia is a guest character in Final Fantasy XV.[1] She is the younger sister of Gladiolus and the daughter of Clarus Amicitia. She is the eldest daughter of the Amicitia family.



Iris is a young girl with pale white skin, short dark brown hair, and brown eyes. She wears a black short-sleeved dress and black boots. She carries a white bunny plush doll.



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Brotherhood Final Fantasy XVEdit


Iris in Brotherhood.

Iris's elder brother Gladiolus acted as Prince Noctis's bodyguard, like their father did for King Regis. However, Gladiolus often complained about Noctis being "stuck up", and did not respect him. Iris interjected during one of his rants, and the next day came to the palace to see Noctis. Gladiolus was embarrassed to find his sister wanting to meet the prince, and tried to explain that would be impossible. When she threw a tantrum over it, she was told she could meet him briefly.

While she waited to see Noctis, Iris was distracted by a cat in the palace garden and began to follow it. She inadvertently caught Noctis's attention as she pursued the cat, and wandered through the garden and an underground passage, ending up outside the palace grounds. It started raining in the woods and she realized she was lost. Noctis caught up with her and asked her name. He knew the way back because he sometimes played there, and they agreed to keep the escapade a secret. She revealed to Noctis that Gladiolus is her brother.

Iris Crying

Iris crying.

After they returned to the palace, Gladiolus was angry at Iris's disappearance. Noctis took the blame, claiming that he went to play outside and asked her to come along. He was chastised for leaving the palace and was grounded. Gladiolus received an apology, but took the blame himself, saying it was his fault for letting her out of his sight. Later, a tearful Iris admitted to him the truth. Learning how Noctis had helped his sister softened Gladiolus to him, and the two befriended.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

She now resides in the city of Lestallum following the attack on Insomnia by the Niflheim Empire.[2] She has known Noctis and Ignis since she was a child, and is a trusted friend. She is a strong girl at her core who can still be positive even in a tough situation.[3] Whilst visiting Lestallum, she tours Noctis around the city whilst the others are off on their day.

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Iris uses her fists to fight in a close-combat style, but sometimes she’ll use her Moogle to attack.[4]

Creation and developmentEdit

Iris was designed by Roberto Ferrari.[5]


Iris is voiced by Megumi Han in the Japanese versions of Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV.[6]



Iris is the Greek word for the rainbow. The Greek goddess Iris carried messages via rainbow and linked the gods to humanity.

Iris is also the name of a flower.


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