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The Snowy City of Invidia.

Invidia (インビディア国, Inbidia-kuni?) is a location in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light. This snow-covered settlement is home to the Dragoniers. The city is the hometown of Rekoteh, Rolan, and Torte.


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Before the events of the game, the demon Mammon arrived in the Sun Temple and caused a great snowstorm and coldness throughout the region. The everlasting cold hit Invidia and caused residents to become cold and heartless, and only Rekoteh seems to be unaffected by it. The people of the city never bothered to do anything, because they were waiting for Rolan to defeat Chaos. After Rolan was corrupted by Lucifer, Mammon continued to use her snowstorm and cause Invidia to be in the state it is in during the game's present timeline.

Brandt and Jusqua travel to Invidia while looking for a way to reach Spelvia. They meet Rekoteh who tells the two they must hatch the dragon egg in town to fly to Spelvia. The group examines the egg and determines either the Firaga spell or a Mythril Hammer may hatch it. The items they obtain show no results and the group is forced to go get the Dragon Harp. Rekoteh and the others go into the Invidia Underground and fight the Ice Dragon. After defeating the Ice Dragon, the party obtains the Dragon Harp. The group plays the Dragon Harp and hatch the Dragon and fly to Spelvia to meet with Rolan.

After being sent fifteen years into the past, the party goes Invidia and meets up with a younger Rekoteh, depressed about the fact she cannot see her brother in Spelvia. The party helps her by obtaining the Dragon's Mark in the Invidia Underground and brings it to her father. The Chief of Invidia tells Rekoteh to wait for Rolan to build his empire, which makes Rekoteh angry. Outside she explains to the party that the ice queen, Mammon, caused Invidia to be the frozen town it is now. The party travels to the Sun Temple and manages to defeat Mammon and lift the curse on Invidia. After the party defeats Mammon and restores Invidia, the Chief tells Rekoteh that they are going to see Rolan in Spelvia.

The Mathematics GameEdit

The girl in the red coat near the polar bear has a mathematical game to play. The player is given four numbers and must end up with a final value of ten. Players can use any of the four basic mathematical operators and two of the provided numbers at a time. The player earns points for each time they make the equation result in ten. If the player manages to get 250 points or above, they obtain the Beastmaster crown.


Before DarknessEdit

Item Cost
Potion 20 Gil
Hi-Potion 40 Gil
Torch 10 Gil
Dragon Wing 60 Gil
Gold Needle 50 Gil
Animatic Tonic 30 Gil
Cross 50 Gil
Bomb Fragment 300 Gil
Dark Tome 500 Gil
Weapon Cost
Flame Dagger 530 Gil
Ice Pick 640 Gil
Darkness Blade 1100 Gil
Darkness Axe 1135 Gil
Red Shot 865 Gil
Black Book 865 Gil
White Book 675 Gil
Inferno Stave 390 Gil
Darkness Staff 675 Gil
Armor Cost
Black Robe 350 Gil
White Robe 350 Gil
Bandit Gear 350 Gil
Poet Tunic 350 Gil
Elementalist Robe 550 Gil
Ranger Outfit 380 Gil
Merchant Tunic 550 Gil
Salve-Maker Robe 500 Gil
Darksteel Shield 450 Gil
Ice Shield 350 Gil

After DarknessEdit

Item Cost
Potion 20 Gil
Hi-Potion 40 Gil
Dragon Wing 60 Gil
Dark Tome 500 Gil
Darkra Tome 1500 Gil
Darkaga Tome 5000 Gil
Blizzard Tome 500 Gil
Blizzara Tome 1500 Gil
Blizzaga Tome 5000 Gil
Weapon Cost
Darkness Blade 1100 Gil
Fire Axe 1220 Gil
Book of Ifrit 770 Gil
Inferno Stave 390 Gil
Evil Lance 2070 Gil
Bloody Bow 865 Gil
Burning Harp 970 Gil
Darkening Harp 860 Gil
Ocean Stave 295 Gil
Darkness Staff 675 Gil
Armor Cost
Fighter Gi 550 Gil
Scholar Gown 700 Gil
Alchemist Gown 850 Gil
Star Earring 500 Gil
Darksteel Shield 450 Gil
Ice Shield 350 Gil
Flame Gauntlet 500 Gil
Dusk Gauntlet 500 Gil
Darksteel Shield 450 Gil
Ice Shield 450 Gil

Multiplayer Prize ShopEdit

Item Points
Hades Bow 6000
Expunger 4500
Failnaught 9000
Monkish Garb 1000
Gunner's Robe 1000
Cat's Cloak 1000
Hestia's Tunic 1000
Mana Screen 8000
Energy Screen 8000
Fortune Egg 3000


Item Location
Potion Tree north of the Dragon Egg.
Potion Table south of the Weapon Shop.
Hi-Potion Cooking pot near the storage shop.
Tranquilizer Pot-belly stove near the Inn.
Animate Tonic Bookshelf near Rekoteh.
Antidote Bed near the polar bear.
Bomb Fragment Green table south of the item shop.
Dark Sigh Window above Rekoteh.

Enemies Outside of InvidiaEdit

Musical ThemeEdit

"Closed-Off Invidia" (閉ざされたインビディア, Tozasareta Inbidia?) is the location theme for the town. The track can be found in the original soundtrack as Track 25 and it is composed by Naoshi Mizuta.


Like the other towns in the game, Invidia takes its name from the Latin names of the seven deadly sins. Invidia is the Latin word for the sin of envy.

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