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This is against school regulations. You're going to be penalized! How can I expect you to live by society's rules when you can't even obey school rules!?
—Mr. Aki

Instructor Aki is a strict SeeD instructor who works in Balamb Garden in Final Fantasy VIII. The epitome of the strict teacher, Aki will not hesitate to deduct points, or even rank, if he sees any law being broken within Balamb Garden grounds.


Instructor Aki is perhaps the most rarely encountered character in the game, it is quite possible to go through the entire game without encountering him at all.

  • After completing the Fire Cavern and obtaining Ifrit two students will be sitting outside the 2F classroom. They will ask if Squall can show them his gunblade. If he does, Instructor Aki will arrive to give demerit points towards Squall's future SeeD rank.
  • Perhaps the most seen of the three events involving Instructor Aki; one of his students in the Garden Library is stressing out over the Instructor's strictness.
  • While interrogating Zell Dincht over his preferences, the Library committee will be interrupted by Aki for "slacking off" in their duties.
  • After defeating NORG, a student on 2F of the Garden will request a display of magic power. If Squall obliges, Instructor Aki will arrive to deduct a SeeD rank as punishment.

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