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Independent Materia (独立, Dokuritsu?) is a subset of Materia in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Much like Independent Materia throughout the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, it provides character boosts without needing to be paired with another Materia. Unlike the other releases, however, it does not provide auto-abilities with as strong an effect as other Materia, and is mostly used for stat boosts.

List of MateriaEdit

Name Growth Limit RP GP Effect
1250P (5001P) Lv5 (Lv9) 20 N/A Increases max HP.
1250P (5001P) Lv5 (Lv9) 20 N/A Increases max MP.
HP Absorb
MP Absorb
Lv1: 1250P
Lv2: 1250P
Lv3: 2500P
Lv4: 4999P
Lv5: 5001P
Lv6+: 5000P
? N/A 5000 (7 more photos) Increases speed.
Exp Up
Lv1: 1250P
Lv2: 1250P
Lv3: 2500P
Lv4: 4999P
Lv5: 5001P
Lv6+: 5000P
Lv5 (Lv9) N/A 10000 (9 more photos) Increases experience from battles.


Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin. It also means "subject" or "matter" in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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