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Imperial Trooper (皇国兵, Kōkoku Hei?, lit. Imperial Soldier) is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains two different enemies, and three variants overall.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

Common soldiers such as this one comprise nearly 80% of the entire imperial forces. All those ranked officer or below, are fundamentally required to don the same green garb, whereas higher-ranking officials often receive enhanced armor. The military outfits each of these troopers with the same Type-41 bayonet-equipped automatic rifle, an improved model that features a drum magazine with increased capacity, thus allowing soldiers to remain active for longer periods of time. This 15mm caliber rifle provides excessive force against human combatants, but proves nigh ineffective against monsters and Eidolons. In such unfavorable situations, regular soldiers must rely on the empire's magitek armor for backup if they wish to survive.

List of enemiesEdit

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