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Artwork for Illusionist.

Mages who weave illusion to overcome their foes.

Illusionist is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift that uses magick to attack all enemies at once and is available to humes and nu mou.

Illusionists have great MP, Magick Defense and Magick growth, which compensates for low HP, Evade, Speed and Defense stats. Illusionists are best kept away from enemy attack, since their low HP puts them in danger of being KO'd—this is actually convenient, as their Magick doesn't require them to be near the targets. To access this job, the mastery of two White Mage action abilities and four Black Mage action abilities is required.

The high cost of their skills means that an Illusionist should have the support of a Cannoneer or someone who can give them MP restoring items. The Seer's Recharge skill will also prove useful, as well as Magick Frenzy, which allows the casting of Illusion spells and physical attacks to all foes hit by those spells. The Halve MP support ability they can learn via the Luminous Robe helps greatly. Nu mou Illusionists are better fighters against enemy Illusionist or other magickal users than hume Illusionists for their better Resistance growth.

In the mission, "Bonga Bugle - Ashleaf", players must interview an Illusionist member of Galmia Pepe. Tweigel, a member of House Bowen, is an Illusionist and possesses the Blood Price passive ability meant for Morphers. Another Illusionist belongs to the gossip trio, which also employs a hume Hunter and a Blue Mage.



Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Rods Hats Robes, Light Armor No

Race Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
Hume 3 2 0 10 E B F F C D 35%
Nu Mou 3 2 0 10 E B F F C C 35%



The ILLUSIONIST commands powerful magicks that strike foes throughout the battlefield.

  • All illusions have the same magick power, but use different elements.
Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master MP Use
Prominence Firewheel Rod Target All - Fire Damage. All foes 250 28
Tempest Thunder Rod Target All - Lightning Damage. All foes 250 28
Freezeblink Sleet Rod Target All - Ice Damage. All foes 250 28
Star Cross Crown Scepter Target All - Holy Damage. All foes 300 28
Stardust Stardust Rod Target All - Damage. All foes 300 28
Deluge Chill Rod Target All - Water Damage. All foes 250 28
Rockfall Terre Rod Target All - Earth Damage. All foes 300 28
Wild Tornado Thor Rod Target All - Wind Damage. All foes 250 28


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Absorb MP Lordly Robe Absorb the MP used in attacks against you. The attack has to use MP in order for the reaction to work. 300


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP To Master
Halve MP Luminous Robe Halves MP costs. 400