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Ignis Stupeo Scientia
Kana イグニス・ストゥペオ・スキエンティア
Romaji Igunisu Sutupeo Sukientia
Age Unknown
Japanese voice actor Mamoru Miyano
Weapon Dual Daggers
Final Fantasy XV Character
A childhood friend of Noctis who grew up receiving gifted education befitting a staff officer. He understands Noctis well and is his confidant.
—Official description[1]

Ignis Stupeo Scientia is a companion of Noctis and a party member in Final Fantasy XV. Although not directly playable, he can co-opt moves with Noctis and be issued orders. Ignis's nickname is "Iggy".

He is Noctis's close childhood friend alongside Gladiolus and Prompto, acting as a strategist for the royal family. He is the group's driver and chef[2], taking the wheel of the party's car unless the player wants to drive manually as Noctis.



Ignis wears a purple and black patterned dress shirt with his black suit and black shiny red-soled shoes with sequenced crystals at the tip. He wears shimmery silver driving gloves. He wears glasses and has short, light brown hair swept up at the front of his hairline and green eyes. Like all party members, he has some skull-motifs to his outfit, although more subdued than his comrades'. He has a skull on his belt buckle.


Ignis has a composed, serious, and cool personality, something to contrast Gladiolus and Prompto. Ignis has been friends with Noctis since early childhood. He received a special education for gifted children to work as a staff officer for Noctis and acts as the understanding consultant for him.[3] He is from a different region than the others, and thus has a different accent.[4]

In the 1st Production Department Premier trailer, he advises Noctis to flee the city to avoid unnecessary casualties because he is not strong enough to defeat the attackers. Noctis later asks Ignis if he has come up with a plan to exact tenfold vengeance on their enemies, to which Ignis responds that he is going to find a way to return it a hundredfold.


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Ignis accompanies Noctis and his friends on a road trip to Altissia where they are to meet a woman named Luna. Ignis drives the car through the Duscae region when they spot a giant Adamantoise as well as an astral shard on the side of the road.


Ignis wields a pair of knives that he can switch comfortably from a standard grip and a reverse grip for variable attacks. He can also toss one into the air and kick it at the foe he is fighting. In the Episode Duscae demo Ignis is the only one able to use magic with his Cure spell. He uses it automatically on allies that are on low health.

Creation and DevelopmentEdit

Prince gang

An older design of Ignis with the party.

Ignis, like the other party members, has gone through a design overhaul. The original footage of him had him wearing a white dress shirt under a jacket, jeans and a dogtag pendant. This outfit was changed to a purple and black animal print dress shirt worn with a suit, and he no longer wears a pendant. He's also donned a pair of uniquely styled blue gloves.


Ignis's Japanese voice actor is Mamoru Miyano, who also voices Riku from the Kingdom Hearts series. In the English localization he speaks with a British accent in comparison to the other party members, who speak with American accents. This is because Ignis is from a different region of the world.[4] In the English localization he mainly refers to Noctis as "Highness", whereas he calls him "Noct" in the Japanese version.



Ignis's name is composed of three Latin words. [view  · edit  · purge]Ignis means "fire" in Latin. [view  · edit  · purge]Stupeo means "I stun or I amaze" in Latin. [view  · edit  · purge]Scientia means "knowledge" in Latin. Unlike Noctis's name, Ignis's name is not a syntactically coherent Latin phrase.



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