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Igeyohrm is fought as part of final boss of the Aetherochemical Research Facility in Final Fantasy XIV, alongside Lahabrea.

Battle Edit

Initially, Igeyohrm will be active while Lahabrea teleports around. Sometimes, they do a combination attack wherein they cast Blizzard Sphere, followed by Fire Spheres. The Blizzard Spheres will bind any caught player in place, leaving them unable to evade the Fire Sphere (which inflicts Suppuration).

Once Igeyorhm's health reaches 50%, the two switch combat roles and Lahabrea is fought directly. Igeyohrm will teleport, casting End of Days. Sometimes the field is frozen, making it difficult to dodge her beam attacks.

As soon as Lahabrea reaches 50% health, a cutscene plays in which she and Lahabrea will fuse into Ascian Prime.

Music Edit

The theme played during the fight is called "Thunderer", the song features a choir chanting "Conflict" and "Attack" the theme is composed by Naoshi Mizuta. XIV