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Iga Blade in Final Fantasy XII.

An exquisitely crafted ninja sword that was once used by a secret society.
—Description, Final Fantasy Tactics.

Iga Blade (伊賀忍刀, Iga Nintō?, lit. Iga Ninja Sword), also known as Iga Knife, is a recurring ninja blade in the series.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Iga Blade is the third strongest ninja sword, beaten by the Orochi and Yagyu Darkblade. It requires the Ninja Swords 2 license to equip and provides 67 Attack, 20 Evade, 24 CT, 19% Combo Rate, Metal value of 2, and is Dark-elemental. It can be found as treasure at Garamsythe Waterway (No. 10 Channel (Drained) or Sochen Cave Palace (Mirror of the Soul), or dropped from Bogey (1% chance). It sells for 13,000 gil.

In the International version, it now provides 87 Attack, 15 Evade, 22 CT, 22% Combo Rate, and is Water-elemental. It can be found as treasure at Lhusu Mines (Site 9) or Cerobi Steppe (The Terraced Bank), or dropped from Bogey at (1% chance).

Final Fantasy TacticsEdit

FFT Iga Blade is the third strongest ninja blade, beaten out by the Orochi and Moonsilk Blade. It provides 15 Attack and 10% Weapon Defense, and can be found at Midlight's Deep.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit


Iga Blade (FFT)
(Iga Ninja Sword (FFT))
Rarity 5
Additional stats: Accuracy +95
Burst Soul Break: Unsung Hero (Ramza), ATK +10 when mastered



Kōka-ryū and Iga-ryū were historical schools of ninjutsu that became one of the two most well-known ninja schools in Japan. In the games where the Iga Blade exists, it has a counterpart called the Koga Blade, referring to these two schools of ninjutsu. The Iga-ryū originated in the Iga Province in the area around the towns of Iga and Ueno.

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