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Please take Aeris somewhere safe.
—Ifalna's last words

Ifalna (イファルナ, Ifaruna?) was one of the last remaining Cetra and the mother of Aeris Gainsborough in Final Fantasy VII. She is only seen in flashback sequences: during the story Elmyra Gainsborough tells Cloud Strife and his friends of how she came to adopt Aeris, and through video logs found in an abandoned house in Icicle Inn.



Ifalna resembles her daughter, with emerald green eyes, long brown hair and bangs, though Ifalna wears hers loose. Ifalna wears a long-sleeved red dress with a purple wrap round her waist, and flat red shoes.


Ifalna loves her daughter and wishes for her to be safe in a world that only wants to exploit them both.


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Ifalna and Gast in Icicle In.

Between 24 to 28 years ago, Professor Gast Faremis set out on a pilgrimage to search information on Jenova and the Cetra, otherwise known as the Ancients. He meets Ifalna, one of the last Cetra, and takes her to Icicle Inn on the Northern Continent for further study. The keywords section of the Crisis Core Complete Guide[1] states that Gast helped Ifalna escape Shinra Electric Power Company the time he quit the company.

Ifalna entrusts her knowledge of Cetra, Weapons, and Jenova, also known as the "Calamity from the Sky" to Gast, who tapes these conversations. The two fall in love and conceive a daughter, unbeknown to the Shinra Corporation. They remain hidden for the duration of the pregnancy, and Gast names his daughter Aeris. Twenty days after her birth, Professor Hojo locates the family and demands Gast hand over Ifalna and their daughter. When Gast resists, he is shot by Hojo's henchmen and the two Cetra are relocated to a Shinra lab.

Ifalna's Death

Ifalna's death.

The pair are held prisoner for seven years, during which time Ifalna gives two things to Aeris: the White Materia, and the knowledge of how to use it to summon Holy. Ifalna escapes with Aeris, but is mortally wounded. On the steps of Sector 7 station, she entrusts Aeris to a nearby woman, the recently widowed Elmyra Gainsborough, and dies of her injuries.

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  • Ifalna is mentioned by name in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-: A scientist within the Shinra Headquarters laments her death, and is discovered to be working against Shinra. He is arrested by Kunsel.
  • In Ifalna's concept artwork by Tetsuya Nomura she is said to be 29 years old.
  • Aeris states she could hear her mother's voice as a child and that, though she expected this to go away, it "never stopped". However, Ifalna plays no further role in the game, and is one of the few deceased characters connected to Aeris who does not appear in Hoshi wo Meguru Otome.


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