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EoT Ice Mountain

Ice Mountain (氷の山, Hyōnosen?) is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It is the first place that Larkeicus asks the Hero to go to as part of his archaeological studies. Larkeicus asks the Hero to check out the ruins at the top of the mountain.

The ruins atop the mountain supply energy to the mysterious gate in order to open a bridge to the tower within the game.



Phase 1 - Normal Mode
  • 30 gil
  • 40 gil
  • 50 gil
  • Blue Stone
  • Dark Dust
  • DEF Boost
  • Iron
  • Iron Shard
  • Oak Branch
  • Red Stone
  • White Dust
  • Yellow Stone
Phase 2 and 3 - Normal Mode
  • 40 gil
  • 80 gil
  • 90 gil
  • Anti-Burn Stone 1
  • Blue Fay Dust
  • Blue Stone
  • Dark Dust
  • Fire Stone 1
  • Green Fay Dust
  • Hard Garnet
  • Ice Stone 1
  • Iron
  • Iron Shard
  • Ki Gem
  • Might Malachite
  • Oak Branch
  • Red Fay Dust
  • Red Stone
  • Silver
  • Silver Shard
  • Thunder Stone 1
  • White Dust
  • Yellow Fay Dust
  • Yellow Stone


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