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Blue, jelly-like monster. Absorbs ice damage.

The Ice Flan is an enemy in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that is related to the Cream and the Jelly. Like most jellies in the Final Fantasy series, their Defense is phenomenally high, but they are extremely weak to certain elemental spells. The Ice Flan absorbs Ice. It is advisable to use Lightning, Water, Wind, Earth, Holy, and especially Fire-based spells to defeat it.

Abilities Edit

Chill Edit

Ice flan command. Attack with frozen body.

Skill Effect MP Use
Acid* Corrosive liquid. Inflicts a random status ailment. 12
Blizzard First Ice spell. Fires a chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. N/A
Blizzara Powerful Ice spell. Fires a larger chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. N/A
Blizzaga Most powerful Ice spell. Fires a huge chunk of ice at a cross-shaped area. N/A

* Denotes a Blue Magic skill.

Appearances Edit

Missions Edit

Mission Name Information
Turf Defense Mission: Mission: Help Kudik! An Ice Flan shows up in the frosty cliffs of Kudik.
Turf Defense Mission: Help Uladon! The Ice Flan from the Roaming Naiads returns in this mission.
Mission #046: Prof in Trouble Two Ice Flans flank the three Zombies that are closing in on Professor Auggie.
Mission #007: Diamond Rain An Ice Flan is at the rear of this monster force.
Mission #078: Water Sigil The Falgabird of Water, Kraken, is a level 20 Ice Flan. It is not anything special, and can be dispatched with a simple Fira spell.
Mission #109: Snow Fairy When the Snow Fairy does not receive a Cyril Ice, it calls in an Ice Flan to attack the party.
Mission #093: Flan Breakout! Two Ice Flans are three other flans appear in this mission. Phantasm Skills are very useful in dispatching them all.
Mission #065: Exploration An Ice Flan stations itself on a rampart in the northwest part of the field.

Clan Encounters Edit

Home Base Clan Name Information
Uladon Bog Roaming Naiads Two Ice-based monsters are in this clan, an Ice Flan and an Icedrake.

Etymology Edit

Flan is an open pastry or sponge cake containing a sweet or savory filling. A typical flan of this sort is round, with shortcrust pastry, usually coated with sweet syrup. It is similar to a custard tart or a South African melktert.

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