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A natural cavern overrun with everlasting ice.
—Book in Alexandria Library

The Ice Cavern is a location just west of the Ceebell River on the Mist Continent in Final Fantasy IX. It connects the lowerworld near the Evil Forest to above the Mist, near Dali.

It is a short dungeon explored early in the game. It is a cavern encased in ice, and many treasures can be found behind ice walls, which Vivi can melt with his Fire spell. The cavern is infested with monsters born from the Mist, and entering the wind currents billowing out of cracks in the ice walls will force the player into an encounter with Wyerds.

Later, the ice in the cavern begins to melt. If the party tries to enter during the time they venture to Treno the first time, and any point after this, a villager from Dali will prevent them. Alternatively, if the player tries to get in from the cavern's base, a moogle will block the entrance.

Later, in disc 4, like numerous other locations on Gaia, a root from the Iifa Tree prevents entry from both sides.

Story Edit

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Ice Cavern FFIX Art 1

Artwork of the party in Ice Cavern.

Zidane, Garnet, Vivi, and Steiner travel through the Ice Cavern to reach the top of the Mist Continent to find a way above the Mist. Along the way, Vivi uses his magic to melt the ice, but when the party nears the end of the cavern a spell puts them to sleep. Zidane wakes up after hearing the sound of a bell and investigates the area. He is confronted by Black Waltz 1, an enhanced black mage who cast the spell, who then fights Zidane after summoning Sealion to assist him.

After defeating him, Zidane wakes up the rest of the party, unaware that Zorn and Thorn are spying on them from an icy upper ledge. At the top of the cave Zidane informs Garnet that she cannot go wandering around as a princess. Garnet gives herself a new identity, "Dagger", after Zidane's weapon, and he teaches her how to act and speak casually, much to Steiner's dismay.

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Locations Edit

Ice Path Edit

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Items Edit

FFIX Ice Cavern WM

The Ice Cavern on the World Map.

Quests Edit

Mognet Edit

There is a moogle called Mois at the cavern who has a letter to deliver to Gumo in Dali. Later, when Ice Cavern is blocked off, Mois moves to Qu's Marsh, to the entrance to the Fossil Roo.

Trapped In Ice!

From Mois to Gumo

Yo! Man, I got totally iced up by some
dude with wings on his back!

Stiltzkin passed me by without doin'
anything! Is he rude or what?

Of course, I couldn't say nothin', 'cause
I was trapped in the ice!

Enemies Edit


The interior of the cavern.

Other appearances Edit

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK The Ice Cavern was the primary backdrop for the Challenge Event Princess of Alexandria, The Path to Escape. It later appeared in To the Holy Land and Show of Resolve as its own Record.

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Musical themes Edit

"Ice Caverns"
FFIX Ice Caverns
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The theme that plays in the Ice Caverns is called "Ice Caverns".

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Backgrounds and Screenshots

Trivia Edit

  • The characters will say different things depending on which wall is the first one Vivi melts. If the first thing Vivi melts is the frozen moogle, there is a special conversation for that.