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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Enemy
Icarus Mu
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Location Rela Cyel (Story Mode and Multiplay)
Item Dropped Normal Mode

Hard Mode
750 gil, Blue Fay Dust, Dark Dust, Green Fay Dust, Mu Fur, Phoenix Down, Red Fay Dust, Room Service Cap Scroll, White Dust, Yellow Fay Dust
Lift Can be lifted
Sturdiness Difficult to knock over
Rage Time 2 Seconds
Element Green
Guard None
Story Mode
Play First Second Third
HP 636 1,636 2,636
ATK 125 330 552
DEF 123 260 410
MAG 50 141 242
LUCK 5 5 5
EXP 450 1,208 1,320
Mode Normal Hard Very Hard
HP 1,272 3,272 5,272
ATK 125 330 552
DEF 135 286 451
MAG 50 141 242
LUCK 5 5 5
EXP 450 1,208 1,320
Elemental affinities
RoF Fire Icon RoF Ice Icon RoF Thunder Icon
1 1 1
RoF Stun Icon RoF Time-Space Icon RoF Dark Icon
5 0 0

The Icarus Mu is an enemy in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is an upgrade to the Snow Mu and Vulcan Mu enemies, but fights the same way. The player can easily overwhelm it by simply attacking it without much cause for alarm. In a group of enemies, it should be dealt with first to reduce the enemy ranks.

Etymology Edit

Mu is the name of a fictional continent that was once believed to have existed in one of Earth's oceans, but disappeared at the dawn of human history.

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