FFBE 1038 Hyoh

Hyoh also known as Hyoh of the Delta Star is a character, summonable unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of The Orders, ranking fourth in the organization's hierarchy. He is a major antagonist during Season Two, serving as a recurring rival to Lasswell.



Hyoh is a mysterious man clad in futuristic suit of black armor with an equally dark helmet lightened with a red visor, although strands of short blond hair are still visible. In combat, the Ultima Weapon armament, a reddish energy blade Greatsword reminiscent of a lightsaber. The identity behind the mask is a mystery.


Not much is known about Hyoh's personality except that he doesn't like to show off his powers or make a spectacle out of them. He simply and efficiently exterminates anybody that gets in his way.

He greatly respects Raegen and the heroic history he embodies for Paladia, and desires to have him killed in combat so as to honor his legend.


Hyoh's origins are a mystery to nearly everyone. The only thing that is known is that he was capable of quickly climb through the ranks and reach the position of Delta Star within The Orders, making him the fourth most powerful member, and all of that in record time.

Story (Season Two)Edit

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When Lasswell's party ventures in Paladia to search for the missing Rain, Raegen separates from Lasswell and leads the revived Sworn Six of Paladia in order to confront the Emperor of Aldore and end his cruel tyranny. Hyoh is then summoned by the Emperor along several high ranking Orders to stand guard and fight their predecessors.

As the Sworn Six arrive near the Emperor's Chamber, Hyoh and the Orders await for them. Hyoh shares his praise for Raegen having read about him in the past, being heralded as a hero of legend in Paladia and eager to have him killed in combat so as to honor his fame.

The two combatants fight each other and injure each other, but Hyoh manages to gain the upperhand and swipe at Raegen, tossing him from the stairs as the remaining Sworn Six are overpowered by The Orders. Hyoh approaches to deal the finishing blow.

However, he spared Raegen's life along with the Sworn Six because they were not worth to kill because he only kills those who are stronger or equal as him, a while after, he received another order from his Emperor as his next mission was to kill Lasswell.

Hyoh then arrived as he begins his mission of killing Lasswell, until Sol decides to challenge him, claiming he is Rain. Hyoh overpowers Sol but the mad sage rushes at him and the two of them fall from a cliff.

The party then finds both of them and Hyoh fights off Lasswell, the latter admitting that he can feel Rain in Hyoh. Hyoh however declares he is not the Rain they know and to prove his points he attacks Fina with the wound crystallizing her body. He was then confronted by Akstar to buy time for Sakura to use a teleportation spell. Sol is displeased at being unable to fight Hyoh and Lid drags him forcefully angrily stating that Hyoh was not Rain. Annoyed Sol blasts Hyoh with a wind spell which allows Akstar to join the party and teleport away.

Hyoh is then joined by Nagi of the Iota Star who teams up with Hyoh to comply with the Emperors' orders. During the way Nagi states her interest in Hyoh and asks how he became as strong as he is. He gives a sound advice to discard everything she cares for.

At the Energy Extraction Station, Nagi fails to defeat Lasswell's party so Hyoh takes it upon himself to battle. Lasswell and Hyoh duel each other with their battle being reminiscent to the last time Rain and Lasswell battle, making Lasswell truly believe that Hyoh is indeed Rain as they clash with their Mirror of Equity. In a final strike, as both Hyoh and Lasswell go with full power, Lasswell holding strongly to his emotions without doubt is able to unleash the Absolute Mirror of Equity and overpowers Hyoh.

Lasswell then asks Hyoh to admit to his identity but Hyoh attempts to strike back.

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Hyoh's Job is listed as Orders, his role in combat is Physical Damage. He is a rare summon unit with a base rarity of ★5 and can be upgraded to ★7. He can equip Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Hammers, Spears, Maces, Fists, Light Shields, Heavy Shields, Hats, Helmets, Clothes, Light Armor, Heavy Armor and Accessories.


Hyoh is an effective fighter with both chaining and finishing damage abilities. In fact many of his abilities have the peculiar gimmick of starting as single target chaining moves, and finalizing with an attack that affects all enemies. Although he has no Dual Wield which is popular amongst physical attackers, this doesn't imperil him as he can utilize his abilities twice a turn, this allows him to capitalize in single-wielding strategies to significantly bolster his ATK value while still able to chain and finish perfectly. His abilities allow him to inflict Fire/Lightning debuffs of 60% to enemies, so using those elements is effective with him.


Hyoh is faced repeated times as Boss during Season Two, and is fairly strong for story difficulty standards. He will always opens (as a preemptive strike) with Way of the Selfless, Heat Drive and Elemental Power, granting himself ATK/DEF buff, damage reduction and elemental resistance respectively. These buffs grant him solid layers of defense that will make him very much invincible unless removed.

He can employ a plethora of different attacks such as Bladeblitz or Firaja, being capable of hitting all units or striking one unit at a time. His attacks can be dangerous and decimate even a well prepared party.

If debuffed he applies Straighten Up which removes his debuffs, and subsequently buffs himself with three skills mentioned above.


Hyoh has high stats and even without his buffs, damage will likely be around few thousand damage each no matter the form of damage chosen. Chains will help in building damage and get past his strong defense, but no matter the approach taken, Hyoh's buffs must be removed if one hopes to damage him.

Xon is an excellent unit to use as he can steal Hyoh's ridiculously powerful buffs for the party's benefits. Although he can be very strong, Hyoh's battle can be trivialized if he is constantly dispelled and debuffed as he will spend his turns in resetting himself to a buffed state without any debuffs, but doing so will cost him the bulk of his moves, making it possible for him to never attack at all.

The player should however bring strong damage dealers with reasonable MP, as even if one follows this tactic, Hyoh can still take some punishment before going down.