Hyoh, also known as Hyoh of the Delta Star, is a character and a summonable unit in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and a member of the Orders, ranking fourth in the organization's hierarchy. He is a major antagonist during Season Two, serving as a recurring rival to Lasswell.



Hyoh is a mysterious man clad in futuristic suit of black armor with an equally dark helmet lightened with a red leopard-shaped visor (a reference to his name), although strands of short blond hair are still visible. In combat, he wields the Ultima Weapon armament, a reddish energy blade greatsword reminiscent of a lightsaber. His identity is a mystery, but he's hinted to be young.

Personality Edit

Hyoh is stoic and taciturn, and only speaking as much as is needed. He dislikes displaying his strength and only prefers to fight when absolutely required. He respects Raegen and his history as a hero on Paladia. He dislikes unnecessary murder and sticks to killing those whom he deems worthy.

Hyoh believes that true strength comes from discarding everything for the sake of power, which shows his incredible resolve. Although usually detached, he doesn't have a problem interacting with his fellow Orders comrades.


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Hyoh's origins are a mystery to nearly everyone. He quickly climbed through the ranks and reached the position of Delta Star within the Orders, making him the fourthmost powerful member. Hyoh is summoned by the Aldore Emperor for a mission, but before hearing details is challenged by Nazuu who thirsts for the Delta Star seat. Nazuu is defeated and retreats, warning Hyoh to consider his rank on loan for the time being.

The Aldore Emperor sends Hyoh on a mission to flush out a traitor among the Aldore ranks. The Emperor warns Hyoh that although he's impressed by the Delta Star's strength, he still doesn't have the Emperor's trust, and thus the mission is a test of loyalty.

At Crystallis he meets with the soldiers Domino and Shatal after they fight the Children of Hess, and explains the purpose of his mission, promising to kill the traitor.

When Shatal returns to his base, he is surrounded by soldiers who believe Shatal is the traitor as his good nature to allow enemies escape alive makes him suspicious. Shatal panics and breaks through the soldiers, prompting them to chase after him. After he eludes them, Shatal, who is lost in thought about his current situation, bumps into Hyoh. To his surprise Hyoh orders Shatal to follow him to find the true culprit.

Hyoh explain his plan to Shatal: leak information about Yuraisha's location to the rebels to find the spy, the information being in Crystallis elevator computer. Hyoh confronts Domino who is the true spy. Hyoh tries to kill Domino but she leaves the elevator with the two men on chase. Hyoh defeats Domino, and when he is about to land the final attack, Shatal defends his friend, taking Domino and running away.

Shatal and Domino fend Hyoh and make a run for their lives with Shatal declaring he is done being half-hearted with his feelings and joins Domino in opposing Aldore. Before long the two are stricken down by Hyoh.

Back at the Aldore Tower, Nazuu reports to the Emperor that Hyoh accomplished his mission and killed the traitors as he had been sent by the Emperor to monitor on Hyoh. The Emperor is pleased and expects more things from him. As Hyoh leaves he mutters to himself that he must become more heartless (as it is later revealed Hyoh did not truly kill Shatal and Domino).

Season TwoEdit


When Lasswell's party ventures in Paladia to search for the missing Rain, Raegen separates from Lasswell and leads the revived Sworn Six of Paladia to confront the Emperor of Aldore and end his cruel tyranny. Hyoh is summoned by the Emperor along several high ranking Orders to stand guard and fight their predecessors.

As the Sworn Six approach the Emperor's Chamber, Hyoh and the Orders await for them. Hyoh shares his praise for Raegen, having read about him in the past, being heralded as a hero of legend in Paladia/. Hyoh is eager to kill him in combat to honor his fame.

The two fight and injure each other, but Hyoh gains the upperhand and swipes at Raegen, tossing him from the stairs as the remaining Sworn Six are overpowered by the Orders. Hyoh approaches to deal the finishing blow. He spares Raegen's life along with the Sworn Six deeming them not worth killing because he only kills those who are stronger or equal as him. He receives another order from his Emperor, not told to kill Lasswell.


Hyoh appears before the party and Sol challenges him, claiming he is Rain. Hyoh overpowers Sol but the mad sage rushes at him and the two fall from a cliff.

The party finds them and Hyoh fights off Lasswell, the latter admitting that he can feel Rain in Hyoh. Hyoh declares he is not the Rain they know and to prove his point he attacks Fina with the wound crystallizing her body. He is confronted by Akstar to buy time for Sakura to use a teleportation spell. Sol is displeased at being unable to fight Hyoh and Lid drags him away, stating that Hyoh is not Rain. Annoyed, Sol blasts Hyoh with a wind spell that allows Akstar to join the party and teleport away.

Hyoh is joined by Nagi Anemos of the Iota Star who teams up with him to comply with the Emperor's orders. She states her interest in Hyoh and asks how he became as strong as he is. He advises her to discard everything she cares for.

At the Energy Extraction Station, Nagi fails to defeat Lasswell's party so Hyoh takes it upon himself. Lasswell and Hyoh duel with their battle being reminiscent to the last time Rain and Lasswell fought, making Lasswell truly believe that Hyoh is indeed Rain. Lasswell unleashes the Absolute Mirror of Equity and overpowers Hyoh. Lasswell asks Hyoh to admit to his identity, but Hyoh escapes with Nagi.

While wounded, a projection of the Aldore Emperor appears and is disillusioned with Hyoh's failure as he had thought the Delta Star had the potential to surpass the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Star. This strikes a chord on Hyoh who in a fit of rage unleashes a power that pleases the Emperor who expects great results from him.

Hyoh asks Nagi to help him find a place to tend to his wounds. Later on Hyoh ambushes Lasswell's party by pushing away both Akstar and Sol and blasting the remainder of the party with a powerful wind spell, which leaves them weakened. The party is astonished at his boost of strength and as Lasswell attempts to fight back. Hyoh is intercepted by Rain himself with Hyoh seemingly destroyed.

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Hyoh's job is Orders, his role in combat being Physical Damage. He is a rare summon unit with a base rarity of 5★ and can be upgraded to 7★. He can equip Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Hammers, Spears, Maces, Fists, Light Shields, Heavy Shields, Hats, Helmets, Clothes, Light Armor, Heavy Armor and Accessories.


Hyoh is one of the most powerful Physical Damage units at the time of his debut. Although debuting after Squall, Hyoh is credited with introducing the True Doublehand meta due to the multiple gains on Equipment ATK through single-wielding as well as being able to double cast (or triple cast) most of his abilities.

His offensive abilities have a peculiar gimmick, which start as single target but attacks all foes later on. his main chain move, Servant of the Blade, has backloaded damage, meaning the bulk is on the final hit, which makes it so Hyoh can cap his own chains with a powerful finisher. This, along with his potential to reach very high ATK, are the main factors behind his infamous damage output.

He has affinities with Fire and Lightning, able to imperil both by 60%. His Limit Burst is an incredibly powerful chain attack against all enemies that can reach x19 damage modifier, and also has backloaded damage.


Hyoh is faced repeatedly as a boss during Season Two, and is fairly strong. He always opens (as a preemptive strike) with Way of the Selfless, Heat Drive and Elemental Power, granting himself ATK/DEF buff, damage reduction and elemental resistance respectively. These buffs grant him solid layers of defense that make him invincible unless removed.

He can employ a plethora of different attacks, such as Bladeblitz or Firaja, is capable of hitting all units or striking one unit at a time. His attacks can be dangerous and decimate even a prepared party.

If debuffed, Hyoh applies Straighten Up to remove them, and buffs himself with the three skills mentioned above.


Hyoh has high stats and even without his buffs, damage will likely be around few thousand each no matter the form of damage chosen. Chains help build damage and get past his strong defense, but no matter the approach, Hyoh's buffs must be removed if one hopes to damage him.

Xon is an excellent unit to use as he can steal Hyoh's buffs for the party's benefit. Although he can be very strong, Hyoh's battle can be trivialized if he is constantly dispelled and debuffed as he will spend his turns in resetting himself to a buffed state without any debuffs, costing him the bulk of his moves.

The player should bring strong damage dealers with reasonable MP.

Etymology Edit

Hyoh's name is read the same as the Japanese words for "leopard" (?) and "hail" (?).

Hyoh's appearance, weapon of choice and behavior are more reminiscent of the Sith Lords, major antagonists from the Star Wars franchise.