The Hyena is a beast/wolf-type enemy in Final Fantasy XII. It is located on the Giza Plains during both the Dry and Rains, however, it is stronger during the Rains. There is also a chance of encountering a stronger version, called the Alpha Hyena.

Bestiary entryEdit

Page 1: ObservationsEdit

A gifted hunter, possessed of sharp horns and fangs, reputed never to spare its quarry once sighted. The larger variety of these is known as the alpha hyena. They consume all manner of things from wee beasts to the largest of behemoths, and do not turn up their noses at the carrion flesh of similar. The horns growing from their snouts are used to impaled larger opponents, and are sharp as well-hones blades. They excel in slipping past a foe's defenses, whereupon they deliver a most telling blow to the vitals.

Page 2: Sage Knowledge 40 of 78Edit


A: Lv. 2-3

B: Lv. 18-19

AI scriptEdit

LungeAny Time (25%).
FangsB: Any Time (5%).
TargetingAttacks enemy with lowest max HP. However, will attack an enemy with high enmity when one is present.
Other InformationStays close to a Class: Wolf leader when one is present.


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