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Eorzea, where all players begin their journey.

Hydaelyn (ハイデリン, Haiderin?) is the world of Final Fantasy XIV where Eorzea is located. It shares its name with the goddess and Mothercrystal who guides the adventurer.

To date, only the map for the Eorzean realm (comprised of the main continent of Aldenard and the island of Vylbrand off Aldenard's western coast) has been revealed in terms of Hydaelyn's geography; while other locations (such as Radz-at-Han, Thravnair, the continents of Othard and Ilsabard, and so on) are mentioned in the story, no map for them has been shown to players and the areas cannot currently be visited.

List of regionsEdit


Consisting of the continent of Aldenard, Vylbrand, and surrounding islands, Eorzea is where most of the gameplay takes place. Eorzea is divided into the grasslands of La Noscea, desert plains of Thanalan, the forest of the Black Shroud, and the mountainous regions of Coerthas, Dravania, and Gyr Abania along Abalathia's Spine.

At the center of the realm is Mor Dhona, where Lake Silvertear and its surrounding plains is said to a nexus of the planet's aetherial energy.


A continent to the northeast of Eorzea. Its abundant reserves of ceruleum deposits greatly aided in the distant nation of Garlemald in becoming a major technological empire in the last century of the Sixth Astral Era. Having secured both Ilsabard and the neighboring Othard, their attempts to conquer Eorzea have repeatedly failed due to setbacks.


Also known as the "Far East," this distant land is home of the Au Ra. Most contact Eorzeans have with Othard culture in recent years stem from refugees fleeing from the Garlean invasion. Among the hardest hit has been Doma, whose failed insurrection against Garlemald sent many expatriates overseas.

Among known details of its geography, the vast Azim Steppe is home to numerous small tribes of nomadic Xaela ruled by khans.[1] It has also been described having holy mountains where no bloodshed may take place, and is said to have a domain inhabited by dragons not far from Doma.


A continent located to the south. It is perhaps best known for the Allagan invasion at the end of the Third Astral Era, with devastation that the continent has never truly recovered from.

Native tribes, including indigenous dragons, summoned powerful primals such as Bahamut and the Warring Triad in desperation against the technologically advanced invaders.

Old WorldEdit

An archipelago to the north, where the scholarly nation of Sharlayan is located.

New WorldEdit

A western land only recently discovered. While details are largely unknown, maritime traders have brought back a few goods from the New World to Eorzea, including apparently a few native species that have unintentionally invaded Eorzea's ecology.


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