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This article is about the Ivalice Alliance character. For the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles character, see Hurdy & Gurdy.

Sprite(s) TA2-Hurdy-sprh FFTA2-HurdySprite
Japanese ハーディ
Romaji Hādi
Age Unknown
Tribe Moogle
Job class Bard
Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Character
Someone has to play the victory fanfare when we win, right, kupo?
—Hurdy in Final Fantasy Tactics A2

Hurdy (Luth in French, Zan in Spanish, and Hardy in Italian) is the joyful moogle of the Six Moogle Siblings, being the brother of Montblanc and Nono and the twin brother of Gurdy.


Final Fantasy XIIEdit


Hurdy runs one of the five Moogling stations in Rabanastre, along with a few of his other moogle siblings. He encounters Vaan upon hearing that Yiazmat had been slain.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Hurdy makingmusic
Hurdy's first appearance.
KuzlalalaAdded by Kuzlalala
A wandering moogle minstrel. Younger brother to Montblanc and Nono, and former resident of the far-away city of Rabanastre. Encounters Luso in his travels and promises to compose a song for him.

Hurdy is a Bard who encounters Luso in the middle of his adventure. He is first found in the scene after the story mission Sleepless Nights, performing a song (which is Sleep of Defeat) in front of some people at a Pub.

Luso said that he liked the song. After the performance he puts up the following story mission Making Music. After completing the mission and making Hurdy an instrument called the Brilliant Theroboro, he joins the clan, determined to compose a song for Luso.

At the end of the game, when Luso's grimoire is complete, Hurdy finishes his song and plays it as Luso returns to his world.

Hurdy's Job class is a Bard, able to buff other characters with songs and poems. He may also access all other Moogle Jobs except for Chocobo Knight, just like Montblanc. This is probably because according to the side story, he has a policy against riding a chocobo, but according to in-game, Hurdy and Montblanc's unique sprites prevent them from riding chocobos.

Hurdy is, in the game, one of those few moogles that actually have hair instead of fur on his head except for Montblanc, Gurdy, Zupp, and Sorbet.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Hurdy appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game.



Hurdy and his twin sister were both named after the Hurdy-Gurdy musical instrument. In French, his name is Luth, which is similar to the word lute, another musical instrument.

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