We'd like to instruct our listeners in need of protection to dial Hunter Headquarters directly.
—Newscaster on radio

Hunters is a paramilitary civilian organization in Final Fantasy XV. Its members destroy daemons and aggressive wild life by accepting bounties, but also do other work to help the populace living on the outlands of Lucis by escorting travelers, patrolling havens, investigating ruins, delivering goods, and even helping with farm work in areas that have become infested with monsters. The organization is called Hunters (capitalized), while its members are called "hunters" (written in lowercase).

Hunters take up work from tipsters on various marks spotted around Lucis, but to accept bounty hunts on the more formidable foes, the hunter needs approval from the Meldacio Hunter HQ. Anyone can enlist to become a hunter, and new recruits are offered easier bounties and sometimes accompanied by seasoned hunters until they become accustomed to the work. Hunters often wear dog tags to identify them should they be killed while on work. Dave Auburnbrie makes it his mission to locate the tags and bring them to the fallen hunter's family.

When Prompto Argentum asks whether the Hunters are "the new Crownsguard" (the military of Crown City of Insomnia), Ignis Scientia replies that they are similar, but the Hunters are technically a civilian outfit even if they have seen more action than most Crownsguard soldiers. The Hunters' headquarters is at Meldacio Hunter HQ in Cleigne, but there are numerous outposts around the outlands where visitors can often purchase weapons and other supplies even if they are not hunters.


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The organization was created by former Crownsguard members who left Insomnia to help the rest of Lucis. The Hunter's Medal is said to be a badge engraved with the emblem of the Hunters, bestowed upon their founder by a past Lucian ruler.

After Prince Noctis's party is stranded in Leide after their car breaks down, they spend their travel funds to have it repaired. Cid Sophiar, an old acquaintance to Noctis's father and the owner of the Hammerhead service station, tips Noctis and his friends off to becoming hunters to make money. He directs them to Dave, the Hunters' leading field operative, and Takka, the local tipster. Noctis and his friends become known as hunters and take on various work, although they don't officially join an organization or wear dog tags as identifiers.

Cor Leonis, the former marshal of the Crownsguard, collaborates with Hunters after Insomnia's fall. He tells Noctis of the thirteen known royal arms enshrined in royal tombs, but the location of most of the tombs is unknown, and thus Cor enlists the Hunters to comb the land in search of them. Dave is frequently interviewed for radio broadcasts, where he gives advice to travelers and publicizes what the Hunters are doing. After Insomnia's fall, he tells over the radio that the havens are still safe, and says the hunters are patrolling them to ensure they stay that way.

After darkness spreads across the globe Dave sends out a message to invite everyone to move to Lestallum, a town that can perpetually keep its lights on for its power plant that derives its energy from the ancient meteorshards around the area. He beseeches people to not be alone and promises hunters will accompany travelers.

When Noctis returns after ten years of sleeping inside the Crystal he finds a world of never-ending night where most of civilization has collapsed. He hears his old friends are working as daemon hunters, and witnesses Hammerhead service station converted to a Hunters' outpost. He learns from Talcott that Biggs and Wedge have become leaders among those protecting the people from daemons alongside Aranea Highwind, each now leading a unit of hunters.

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Various quests in Final Fantasy XV involve doing work as a hunter, such as doing hunts accepted from tipsters.