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Hunt board in Sandsea.


Example of a bill (this one is for the Gil Snapper.)

Hunts (モブリスト, Mobu Risuto?) are a series of sidequests in Final Fantasy XII in which the player hunts down particularly strong monsters, usually causing trouble to the general public of a town or tribe, or sometimes a single person. The monsters being hunted are referred to as "Marks" and in some instances, "Elite Marks".



Hunt begins.

Hey there, boy. Got the low-down on any good marks to be huntin'? Haven't had a chance to check the board over in the Sandsea today.

The procedure is quite simple. Once the player obtains information of a Mark through a bill, or an Elite Mark from Montblanc, the player must then find the petitioner and speak with him or her to officially accept the Hunt. If the player does not do so, but defeats the Mark before officially accepting the hunt, the player forfeits the reward. After having spoken with the petitioner and choosing to accept the Hunt, the player must locate the Mark, according to hints or directions from the petitioner, and defeat it.

There are some hunts which require the player to complete additional tasks, such as giving acquired items to specific recipients. Upon completing the hunt, the player must report back to the petitioner, from whom he will receive a reward. Every hunt has a specific reward, though it is not revealed to the player until hunt completion.

Hunt board locationsEdit


Hunt board in Balfonheim.

The player can find out about hunts by checking the notice board in towns. All boards have the same bills posted.


Hunt posters

Hunt bills.

Main article: Sage Knowledge 1-26#SK 25: Marks

Information on regular Marks are found on boards all through Ivalice. Each board has the same bills, so the player can see if any new bills have been posted from any board in the world. Marks can be difficult to deal with and their difficulty increases exponentially at each new rank. A Rank II mark requires the characters to be leveled up at least 3-5 levels higher than a Rank I mark.

The top Rank marks at level VII can usually only be beaten by character levels above 40. Marks usually excel in maybe one attribute, e.g. defense, and usually have only one, rarely two, special skills, which can be somewhat devastating if simply ignored.

Elite MarksEdit

As the name suggests, Elite Marks are more dangerous than regular Marks. The bills for Elite Marks can be obtained only by speaking with Montblanc, after becoming a member of Clan Centurio. Even though Montblanc tells the player about the Elite Mark, in most cases he only acts as a mediator, so the player still has to talk to the actual petitioner in order to accept the Hunt. In a sense, Montblanc's function is the same as that of a petition board. Elite Marks usually have several high attributes and special skills, making them extremely dangerous.

For example, the Rocktoise can double its current level multiple times at any time during battle and the Trickster, an oversized pure-white chocobo, is able to turn invisible (though the player can still see its outlines when close enough) making the characters unable to target it until it turns visible again. Its high running speed also makes it too fast to catch up to and run away from.

Hunt orderEdit


Elite MarksEdit

  1. Chickatrice, Cluckatrice
  2. Rocktoise
  3. Orthros
  4. Gil Snapper
  5. Trickster
  6. Antlion
  7. Carrot
  8. Gilgamesh with Enkidu
  9. Belito
  10. Behemoth King
  11. Ixion
  12. Shadowseer, Pandaemonium, Slyt, Fenrir, Phoenix
  13. Yiazmat

Unofficial HuntEdit

Taken up in the Tchita Uplands to defeat an unknown Mark. Does not appear in the Clan Primer:

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